Still not knowing how many battalions and their generals he can count on in his coup offensive against the October elections, Bolsonaro is now investing to arm his civilian supporters in the countryside, in frequent incursions through the agricultural fairs, where he has mounted campaign rallies in recent weeks, entitled to motorcycles and horseback riding.

This Wednesday, in Maringá (PR), he made another threatening speech about weapons and elections, which went practically unnoticed by the media. No one made headlines or front page headlines. Everything is being normalized, naturalized, it no longer causes indignation, as if Brazil were like that. What will you do?

Bolsonaro takes advantage of the fact that he and more radical sectors of the so-called agro have common enemies: the landless, squatters and indigenous people, with whom, historically, they dispute land spaces, alongside miners, squatters and deforesters, who they have already left legions of victims along the way (theme of my book “Massacre dos Squatters – Conflict of Lands in Araguaia Tocantins”, 1981, edited by Brasiliense).

It was to this audience that the president addressed:

“Only dictators fear the armed people. I want every good citizen to have his firearm to resist, if necessary, the temptation of a dictator on duty. Brazil has an area coveted by many countries, the Amazon region . And for you, Brazilian family, the firearm is its defense and reinforcement for our Armed Forces because the well-armed people will never be enslaved”.

And he added, increasing his tone: “Worse than the external threat is the internal threat of communization”.

He was applauded by the green-yellow audience, who called him “Myth”, and took the whole family to take selfies.

Who are these “dictators”, who are the “good citizens”, where and from whom does this threat of “communization” come? He did not explain this, but you can imagine.

Guns and elections are themes that always appear together in his latest agropastoral speeches, in which he disseminates distrust about the electoral process and electronic voting machines.

It’s not by chance. The ones who most threaten his reelection, in fact, are exactly the polls, as all the presidential polls for 2022 show.

“Everyone has to play within the four lines. We do not fear results from clean elections. We want transparent elections, as the vast majority or the entirety of its people would say.”

Who doesn’t? Are the opponents, the media, the ministers of the Superior Electoral Court, the three targets always attacked in your speeches?

At the moment when the campaign entered its decisive phase, without being able to recover the lost popularity, the president president exchanged the “pencil” of the Alvorada for the faithful of the agricultural fairs, between visits to temples and barracks, to stimulate the armament of the civilian population and to point out imaginary enemies of their mismanagement, which is increasingly sunk in the serious economic crisis that is ravaging the country.

For those who spent the electoral campaign making “guns” with their fingers and already threatened to “machine guns” in Acre, it was to be expected that the number of weapons in the hands of the civilian population would more than triple under the current government, according to police records. Federal. Of the total of 51,000 weapons released under the Temer government, it rose to 94,000 in 2019, to 177,000 in 2020, and in the first six months of 2021 alone, there were 97,000 more. And these numbers keep growing, not to mention the unregistered weapons.

The biggest increase was registered in the North and Center-West regions, exactly where agribusiness is dominant, land disputes are more common and Bolsonaro registers the best index in his voting intentions.

“Where institutions do not reach, what counts is the law of the strongest”, summarizes the economist and technician at Ipea Daniel Cerqueira, in a report by Caíque Alencar, in Veja, which begins like this: “Reflection of Jair Bolsonaro’s obsession with arming the people, the arsenal held by ordinary citizens is going through an escalation never seen before in the history of Brazil”.

Stimulating bang-bang among Brazilian citizens is all the captain wants to promote social upheaval, summon his generals and smear the October elections. If they don’t heed the call, there will always be the military police and their increasingly armed militias, “within the four lines”, of course.

In time: an image seen yesterday in Juiz de Fora (MG), during the visit of pre-candidate Lula, which circulated on social networks, shows what awaits us. In a square near the airport, a PM stood next to Bolsonarista protesters and pointed his gun, screaming, at a group of landless people who went to welcome the PT. And nothing happened.

Life goes on.


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