Kremlin says Biden's insults to Putin reduce chance of improving ties

The Kremlin maintained today that the insults of the president of USA, Joe Bidento his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putinreduce the possibility of improving relations between Washington and Moscow.

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“A leader must remain calm,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov told the official TASS agency, after Biden called Putin a “butcher” after meeting with Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

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“And of course those personal insults reduce the opportunity to improve our bilateral relations. You have to be aware of this,” said Peskov, who was also surprised by Biden’s accusations against Putin.

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“After all, he is the man who once demanded, speaking on television in his country, that Yugoslavia be bombed. Exactly, bombing of Yugoslavia. He demanded to kill people,” Peskov asserted.

“Therefore, of course, it is at least strange to hear such a thing from him,” he emphasized.




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