Krisztián Nyári wrote a play about Városmajor, where he has been on stage for a hundred years

This time the guest of the arútluK is Nóra Benkó, actor and stage director, the managing director of the Szabad Tér Színház Nonprofit Kft.

He strongly believes that the relocation of his hundred-year-old theater is just a plan for those who need to think about it.

He himself thinks that while it’s really not bad to sit alone on the shores of a beautiful lake, maybe there are a few more who also enjoy being able to listen to a concert, watch a performance on a beautiful summer evening. Sixty to eighty thousand of our fellow citizens, who also like cultural experiences without an artificial lake shore, visit them every summer.

The director and cultural organizer see that in the summer there are quite a few opportunities in the country that offer a real theatrical experience. He has already acted as an actor at the Szeged Outdoor Games, where, due to the arena-like proportions, it does not hurt to raise the hand of the person whose text is next. It’s also a fantastic experience, he says, but it’s different. In Major, dialogues come to life because of the human-scale auditorium and stage, and silence can also be a tremendous force.

There are not many theaters in Buda anyway, and Városmajor can even be reached on foot from Széll Kálmán Square, which can be reached by many means of public transport, he mentions.

On the occasion of the anniversary, it was said that on July 30, 1922, the open-air stage began its career as a movie theater. He knows a lot more about the history of the place, especially since he was asked to write a play about Krisztián Nyáry. THE One Hundred Years Major, Or I Will Not Exchange My Ideas (Secret Literary Fun and Bitter) The piece deals with the past century from the point of view of writers-poets. He will appear on the stage, among others, Endre Ady, Attila József, Frigyes Karinthy, Dezső Kosztolányi, Ágnes Nemes Nagy, Dezső Mészöly, Aline Polcz and other artists for whom Városmajor was an important venue. The premiere is scheduled for July 29th.

There was more talk in the conversation

  • About Krisztina Peremartoni,
  • about Covid, which was not ordered by Nóra Benkő,
  • quality that is not elitist but enjoyable,
  • the Open-Air Theaters Meeting,
  • about the theater tour of Major,
  • on cross-border companies,
  • about music programs
  • literary evenings,
  • and even from Margaret Island.

What was not at stake is politics, but we did not want to talk about it.

And those who would have missed it or listened again to what Bálint Szentgyörgyi, the director of the HBO series entitled Besúgó, told us about can do it here.

(Cover image: Nóra Benkő. Photo: Tamás Kaszás / Index)

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