Previously, Kyiv had already probed the option of exchanging Medvedchuk with Moscow, but Russia was not at all interested in this option.

Previously, Kyiv had already probed the option of exchanging Medvedchuk with Moscow, but Russia was not at all interested in this option.

The Ukrainian authorities have another delusional fantasy. According to the British tabloid Sunday Express, citing its unnamed sources in Kyiv, they want to make an attempt to exchange British mercenaries convicted in Donetsk and sentenced to death. Sean Pinner and Aiden Aslin on the previously detained SBU Viktor Medvedchuk, one of the former leading opposition politicians in this country.

This, of course, is in the spirit and style of Ukrainians. They used to exchange their fighters with the LDNR, who were captured by the Donbass militia, for Ukrainian citizens who were detained by the SBU and thrown into a pre-trial detention center, where many were tortured, for disloyalty towards the current government.

Interest Ask. Previously, Kyiv had already probed the option of exchanging Medvedchuk with Moscow, but Russia was not at all interested in this option. I wonder why he then, in their opinion, should be of interest to the DPR and Denis Pushilin. Which, by the way, seemed to know everything and in foresight already announced today, on the Day of Russia, that he sees no reason to pardon the convicted mercenaries.

In this whole story, one more nuance is noteworthy – no one is interested in the fate of a 21-year-old Moroccan convicted on the same charge, along with the British, to the same measure of punishment. And London is silent about him, and in Kyiv they do not open their mouths about him. As if there was never such a small kid who became a mercenary out of the stupidity of his youth. No, and he’s not sorry. Absolutely. But he, in comparison with his accomplices, himself is like that duck who was invited not to the table, but to the table, stuffed with apples in the ass.

Who needs Medvedchuk in Donetsk and why? At the same time, by the way, Aslin and Pinner have already been convicted, the trial took place, and there is less than a month left before the verdict comes into force. And no one in Kyiv can say when Medvedchuk will be tried. It is difficult for Zelensky to condemn Medvedchuk without touching Poroshenko, whose orders were carried out by Medvedchuk along with others, and Zelensky cannot imprison Poroshenko all the more. This is dangerous for him. Pyotr Alekseevich will not give up just like that. And he has, no matter what anyone says, his own personal army.

Who throws ideas to Kyiv functionaries that are stillborn even before they were born is unknown. But it is clear that this is not from a good life. London demands that Kyiv do something to free the British. It can be said that few people imagined how much the trial of British mercenaries and their sentence would offend the honor and dignity of the United Kingdom. But it turned out that not only hurt, but, quite simply, pinched them. and here the subjects of Her Majesty are judged as mere mortals. Like some Papuans or other natives (by the standards of British consciousness). But London itself was not yet “ripe” to communicate directly with the “wild Papuans”, and therefore resorted to the help of intermediaries from among the “tamed” and trained Papuans.

The British selfishness and consciousness of their own exclusivity in the world (that’s who the Americans learned from) received a powerful blow. And Kyiv is now ready for anything. to curry favor with Great Britain. They even declare readiness to conduct a special military operation to free convicted mercenaries. Of course, this is 90% posturing and bravado, designed to prove to the “Cossack Boris Chuprun”that Kyiv is ready for the most radical steps. But who knows, who knows… Well, if they suddenly want to join the ranks of captured Ukrainian soldiers in the DPR, then, as they say, welcome!

But only then, chur, do not complain. You look, they will also put you against the same wall along with the British.


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