Tami Baez's messages for L-Ghent on Father's Day.

Tammy Baezcurrent partner of L-Ghent and mother of his daughter Jamaica, He took advantage of Father’s Day to leave a message to the cumbia 420 singer along with some family photos.

Happy day to the best daddy“Wrote the young woman next to an image of L-Ghent giving her daughter Jamaica a kiss on the cheek, and added:”Thanks for everything always”.

Tami Baez’s messages for L-Ghent on Father’s Day. (Web/)

Also, the influencer showed in stories that the three were spending the day together eating gnocchi and playing with the baby.

The family returned just in time to celebrate Father’s Day in Argentina, as L-Ghent returned a few days ago from his “EuroTour 2022″ in which it was presented in several cities of Spain and that is not over yet.

The manager of L-Ghent: “Don’t let yourself sleep for carancho lawyers”

Maxi El Brother, manager of L-Ghent, published a disclaimer against some lawyers, accusing them of “caranchos” for inventing causes for the singer of cumbia 420 in order to get money.

In this way, Maxi El Brother brought up some of the accusations that L-Gante received. “1. The one from Velez (who still follow her), L-Ghent was giving a show, providing an entertainment service”, he began, referring to the clandestine party in which he was involved, in which he was accused of having caused the crowd of people.

And he continued: “2. The one about the creeping guachin neighbor of the neighborhood who walked on the roofs of Elián’s house, justice pulls on the side of the creeping and his family. 3) The one about the supposed fan who was asking for photos and appeared all bloody and he ended up hospitalized, and they make him lie that Elián hit him with a rifle butt for asking for photos. When we don’t know who he is, we don’t know him and on top of that Elian takes a picture with everyone”.

In this way, Maxi el Brother clarified that he is not asking for justice but “common sense and coherence to the lawyers and to those who supposedly carry the quality of equity in the country”.

Meanwhile, the singer of cumbia 420 responded to what was written by his manager in Instagram stories, thus demonstrating their support and showing themselves against the accusations made.

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