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at every show, the joaqui he takes a moment to speak directly to his audience. During one of her most recent concerts, the rapper from Mar del Plata he opened his heart and shared an emotional reflection on not being carried away by negative comments.

“Nobody wanted to work with me because everyone said that I had already DJed” reminded the audience. “That my project was no longer useful, that it had gone out of style, that I had been a mother, basically that I had made all the possible decisions of a bad woman” detailed.

La Joaqui (Press /)

“Look who you made fun of” he exclaimed earning the ovation of his fans. She then left an empowering message: “Many times no one will trust you and then it turns out that everyone has faith in you.”

“I was left without a home, without a career, with two babies and it was given to me again” He commented using himself as an example. “You have to keep betting on dreams even if they say they are not possible,” she concluded.

The beginnings of La Joaqui

the joaqui started at a very young age rap competitions and, since then, she has not detached herself from the plaza and the stages, going to each battle to earn her place and vindicate the woman in the genre.

La Joaqui and Wolf in the Racing game

La Joaqui and Wolf in the Racing match (

In its beginnings, it was not customary for a woman to be a rapper; However, she was faithful to her style and managed to participate in competitions such as Red Bull Y Halabalusa.

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