La Piedad will have the best courts for the K'eri Ireta 2022 tournament

La Piedad, Michoacán.- piety will have the best fields in sight for the Intermunicipal Championship of the Soccer Tournament K’eri Ireta 2022, to be played on May 21 and 22 with the presence of 16 squads (eight from the women’s branch and eight more from the men’s), said Luis Armando Oceguera, head of the sport.

According to what transpired in recent days, the headquarters was handed over to piety because it has all the infrastructure in terms of pitches (pasted), in addition to the Juan N. López stadium.

In the coming days, the sports and municipal authorities will deliver the request so that the best fields in the town are provided and that they be the venues for the soccer games of the state championship in the free category.

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So far, the scenarios that are being targeted have not been revealed, but it was anticipated that they may be those of the sports unit Romero Perez, Sun City Y Basque Court #1In addition to other clubs.

Similarly, the stadium John N. Lopez It is planned for the two finals to take place there: Women’s and Men’s.

In this stage, the presence of cities such as: Zacapu, Puruandiro, Ecuandurean, Numaran, Churintzio, piety and others to be confirmed.

It is estimated that the piedadenses have an advantage, that they will play at home and if there is support from the fans, it may be more like the intention to reach the final to fight for the ticket to the next round.

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