La Voz Argentina: He almost left the casting because he felt discriminated against and then Ricardo Montaner struck him down

As the blind auditions progress in The Argentine Voice, fewer and fewer places remain available in each of the teams. For this reason, the coaches are increasingly demanding when it comes to turning their seats, but also in each of their returns.

This Thursday, Thomas Spagnol, an 18-year-old from Entre Ríos who began studying music at the age of 6, was the first to try his luck. In his case, the song chosen for his presentation was “Council and Oath”, from Knowing Russia.

Listening to him, Lali Espósito and Soledad Pastorutti decided to turn their chairs at the same moment and then Ricardo Montaner and his sons Mau and Ricky joined. “When I listened to you, something told me that you were playing an instrument, because without a doubt, we always say that the instrument distracts when singing,” observed the author of “Cachita”, despite the fact that on Wednesday night he praised the Venezuelan Alfredo, whom he considered an “integral musician” for having been accompanied by his guitar.

“I felt a lot of affinity with your way of singing. Shades like yours attract me a lot. You have a very particular voice, an antihero’s voice; a voice of those so beautiful that serve to be in a campfire with friends and friends, singing with family. You have the typical voice that gets into people very easily”, continued Montanter.

“You were very nice to me and I bought the combo with the guitar and everything”, Soledad differed. And she continued: “Honestly, you gave me no room for doubt. I always turn around near the end, but I found your way of singing very nice, very friendly, very loving, very warm”.

Mau, in turn, wanted to know what the biggest dream of the participant is. “Without a doubt, my biggest dream comes from the hand of music, because it is what I have done since I was little. It is my way of expressing myself and what I like. I enjoyed Gustavo Cerati a lot, for example, and my dream is to be able to make people enjoy what I do in the same way that I enjoyed his art. To be able to contribute and live from this would be my dream”, replied Thomás.

“You have a bearing and a tranquility that only artists with a heart have. In a program like this, and it is something that always happens in a mass medium like television, the desire for fame, to be recognized, is mixed a lot, and sometimes the reason for being recognized is left behind. To me, for example, many people ask me what it feels like to be famous. And it is something that I do not know or analyze. It is not the center of my life, it is a consequence of my task, of my work. That gives peace of mind and makes you move through life with a lot of relaxation, because the focus is on your artistic piece, on a song, on a show, on a complete album”, reflected Lali.

After listening to the words of the four coaches, Thomas made a decision: to be part of Lali’s team. Before saying goodbye, he gave a brief version of “Juego de seduccion”, by Soda Stereo.

From Lanús, province of Buenos Aires, came the second contestant of the night, Victoria Fernandez, a 21-year-old girl who has been studying singing for a decade. For her blind audition, Victoria chose one of the greatest hits from Blondie, “Heart of Glass”.

Despite the fact that none of the coaches turned their chairs, after his presentation he received several compliments. “A hit! Good thing you brought it. It’s a great song that Miley Cyrus covered and brought back to young people. I understand that this version is Miley’s, ”Lali began returning her. And she added: “I had two problems with your presentation. The first is that I found your version very structurally the same as Miley’s. And she sings it with such power, with so much rock in her voice, that I had the impression that you lacked a push, you lacked a lot of power. I felt like she beat you to the song. Clearly, you sing beautifully, you have a beautiful and clean voice. I liked your voice, but the performance failed to excite me to the point of making me push the button.”

“I feel that you sang it very beautifully,” said Ricky, in turn. “We are at a time in the competition where we hear so many voices that we wait for the moment of the presentation that surprises us and makes us press the button. Sometimes a minute and a half is short to get that moment,” he explained. His brother added: “You may be thinking: ‘They didn’t turn around,’ but it’s not difficult to add what we missed. Don’t go away discouraged, just add what we ask for and you can come back.”

“You have already made a decision: you are going to be an artist. This was an instance that is nothing more than a rehearsal for what is to come. You leave here with the security and peace of mind that you are going to be an artist no matter what happens”, Montaner recommended.

Then came the turn of Núria Dutour, a 31-year-old from Buenos Aires, will show her talent on stage. “The love for music already runs in the family. My nona is a pianist and singer, one of the first jazz singers in this country, and my great-grandfather is a guitarist, and I started at the age of 8 in the Choir of the Teatro Colón. I had a lyrical training at the beginning and at 14 I started a specialized music secondary school, ”she explained in her presentation clip.

The theme he chose to sing was “Love Again” by Dua Lipa. Her long and heartfelt interpretation managed to convince Soledad and Montaner, who turned their seats in unison as soon as she began to sing one of the verses of the song in Spanish. At the end of the topic, Lali joined. But Soledad was blocked by the author of “Let me cry” and she was thus out of competition.

In any case, the “Typhoon of Arequito” wanted to dedicate a few words to him: “You have a beautiful voice, especially when you go to the treble. In the bass I noticed some little things, but it is normal because it is more difficult for us to sing at that frequency. But you did amazing. I’m in a rage!”

Montaner, meanwhile, indicated: “In the second half of the song, he began to develop a little more the true voice that he has. The fact is that the three of us really liked him”.

“I’m going to tell you the truth: when you started singing, I wasn’t going to turn around. I said: ‘What a good proposal!’ You were wrong in many decisions, I think that the nerve made you be with little air and therefore with little power. But from the middle, I discovered the power of your voice, mainly, and there I understood the good version you were doing. That speaks very well of you. There are people who start out complicated and stay complicated until the end, they can’t get rid of that mistake and you got rid of it and shone a lot towards the end. With that, you demonstrate your artistic quality”, added Lali. When choosing, the participant surprised everyone by choosing Montaner.

A 45-year-old from Rosario, Gustavo Churruarin, was the next contestant. In his introduction, he explained that he works as a plumber, gas fitter and does renovations and repairs, but when he can he dedicates time to his true passion, singing. “I have to appease the bohemia a bit because you have to be responsible and I have a family and you have to go ahead with that,” he explained.

His 6-year-old daughter Nicanora asked him to sign up for the program’s casting, but when he was about to audition, he heard someone say: “Is this The Voice of the Grandparents?”, and he did not like the comment. “And I said: I think I have to go. But then a boy and a girl began to sing and I stayed looking at them, having some mates. Until some girls came and told us that we had to stand in line to get in, and I went in, ”she recalled.

In his audition, he chose to cover the song “Se nos roto el amor”, by Manuel Alejandro. None of the coaches turned her chairs, even though Soledad thought she had a good voice. Montanter, meanwhile, shot: “I have to tell you something… That song, which Rocío Jurado sang, she did from the tear itself. You have a beautiful voice, but you didn’t believe what you were singing at all. You didn’t get into it. You sing melodically correct, but you have to get into the story. Believe that pod”.

another porteña, Micaela Sotera, 25 years old, was the next to try her luck. “I was always linked to art, because I did other things, but at 15 I started singing and playing the guitar. Today each one of them has her own project, but with my sister we had a duo that led us to play behind the scenes at important festivals, and we learned a lot from that experience”, she recounted.

“If everyone turns around, I would like to go with Lali, because I love her energy and I think she could be my friend. And if not, with Mau and Ricky, because there is something about the brotherhood that makes me see them similar to my sister and me, “she later revealed. At the time of singing, she chose to be accompanied by her guitar to provide a version of the tango “For a head”, by Carlos Gardel.

On the last chord, Mau was heard telling his brother, “He deserves to be here.” Ricky, then, pressed the button and turned the seats of both. “It shows that you love music and that you dedicate one hundred percent of your time and effort to it,” said the eldest son of Montaner and Marlene Rodríguez Miranda. To say goodbye to her, Micaela sang a few verses of “Let’s go on a trip”, by Bándalos Chinos, receiving the warm applause of the public that was in the study.

The penultimate candidate of the night was Light blueanother porteña, in this case 31 years old, sister of the journalist Majo Martino and the actor Juan Manuel Martino.

“The first time I went on stage I was very nervous and I sang the entire repertoire turned around, with my back to the public. I did what I could, with a stomach ache that wanted to die, “she said with a laugh. Later, she dedicated her audition to “Bochita”, her mother who passed away last year.

The song chosen by Celeste was “Sway”, in the Michael Bublé version and the one who decided to turn her seat to see it, and claim her as part of her team, was Soledad. Before saying goodbye to her, she sang a few verses of “Cucurrucucú dove”, by Pedro Infante and got praise from all the coaches.

Rosario was left for the end Augustine Reyna, 24 years old. “my old man is a musician; he played the trombone and my house was always a jumble of a lot of music”, he explained. At his audition, he chose to perform I Will Always Love You by Dolly Parton in the Whitney Houston version.

Throughout the presentation, Montaner pondered the participant’s tuning, but none of the coaches was interested in having his presence on their teams. “You are very fine. Perfectly tuned. The only thing that worried me, thinking about my team, is that practically the entire song is done in falsetto. You did not show your natural voice and I could not draw a clear conclusion, ”said Montanter, asking him to sing another theme, but with his natural voice. Listening to him sing “Sabor a mí”, the coach explained: “You just agreed with me. The falsetto is a resource, to which one goes and returns. It’s not the other way around.”

Although Agustín took the feedback very well, his mother, who was next to Marley on one side of the stage, expressed amazement: “You were spectacular, son. They missed it.”

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