Author of the "accidental"  being arrested red-handed.  (Photo: Kísie Ainoã)
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He said that on the day of the crime, when passing by the scene, Lyncon would have made mention of being armed.

Author of the “accidental” shot being arrested in the act. (Photo: Kísie Ainoã)

A 20-year-old boy, known as “Lacoste”, was arrested red-handed, he allegedly shot his girlfriend, aged 17, in the head. The fact happened on the afternoon of this Wednesday (23), at Rua Lontras, in São Conrado, in Campo Grande.

The shot would have been accidental, and happened when he was cleaning the .38 caliber revolver, according to the police. With that, he ended up being arrested for shooting and for the irregular possession of a firearm.

The Fire Department was triggered and carried out the first assistance to the teenager who had the head injury. She was conscious and oriented and the shot would have been grazed.

When the Military Police checked the name of “Lacoste”, they found that he was the suspect in the death of Lyncon Diogo Santos Santana, 19, who was shot six times with a firearm, last Friday night (18 ), about 1 km from the place where he was arrested.

According to information obtained by the Campo Grande News, “Lacoste” would have confessed to the police that he would have shot Lyncon, with whom he would have an old feud. He would have said that on the day of the crime, when passing by the scene on a motorcycle, the “Malvadão” as the victim was known, would have mentioned that he was armed, and that in fright, he fetched the 380 pistol and shot Lyncon several times.

After the crime, he would have gone to sleep at his grandmother’s house and she would have thrown the crime revolver into a river in the Capital. Case is still being investigated.

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