Lady Chichén Itzá: a foreign tourist was almost lynched for climbing and dancing in a pyramid |  VIDEO
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Chichén Itzá, Yacatán.- A foreign tourist was about to be lynched by other tourists and visitors to this archaeological zone, for climbing into the main castle without permission from the authorities mexican.

In a video that was broadcast on social networks, it is observed how a woman, in a hat, who wore a blue blouse with red pants, is pulled by the hair, while they poured water on her and “run” her from the site amid insults and throwing at her. other objects.

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In its path, on the way to the outskirts of the archaeological zone, people, including womenapproached to throw water at the foreigner, while yelling “Jail, Jail, Jail” and others said: “jail, for an idiot.”

Despite the uproar, authorities did not intervene

The daring woman, whywant to win a minute of glory and trying to reach the top of the main Kukulkan pyramid, she took with her a sea of ​​Mother’s Day reminders, as well as hair pulling and water baths, while two other women took her out of the archaeological zone, after lowering her to forces from the main castle of Chichén Itzá.

For years, both the INAH and the Cultural Board that manages the local tourist inn have been prohibited from climbing to the top of the pyramid where the spring equinox is observed year after year, this, in protection and care of the same legendary building.

A few months ago, a photo of a dog that climbed to the top of the main castle was famous, but not even the INAH and hostel workers have authorization to climb that pyramid.

Despite the uproar of the tourists who “ran” the daring visitor, there were no other conflicts and no military or police elements intervened.

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