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Landslide in Miami: the families of the victims will receive millionaire compensation

collapse in miami

Almost a year after the collapse of the condominiums in Miami, the families of the 98 victims reached a millionaire settlement. It was confirmed by one of the plaintiffs’ lawyers, this Wednesday. The Champlain Towers South collapsed at dawn and the last body was found in July.

“The deal right now is $997 million. There will be roughly another $100 million that we will recover.”explained the professional. Among the fatal victims, there were nine Argentines between the ages of five and 55. The twelve-story building partially collapsed in June and days later the remaining parts finished falling.

Landslide in Miami (AP /)

“This is a recovery that far exceeds what I had anticipated”quoted New York Times. There is still another agreement to be made with another defendant company. The judge in charge Michael A Hanzmanstated that he wants it to happen before the anniversary of the tragedy.

The dead from the collapse of Miami were 98 (Matias J. Ocner /)

The trial was produced by a class action lawsuit in a Miami court to different entities. Among them, a construction company of a nearby building, who was accused of contributing to the collapse.

Rescuers search for survivors in the rubble of Champlain Towers South. (Lynne Sladky/)

The families of the victims stated that they generated strong vibrations. The causes have not yet been confirmed. The investigations say that the structure was degraded in some parts.

Gimena Accardi and Nicolás Vázquez lived in the building that collapsed

The actor couple was on vacation in Miami. They always chose to have dinner in the apartment, but that day they chose to do it outside with Martín Bossi.

This was the return of Nico Vázquez and Gime Accardi to the theater after the collapse of Miami

They returned at dawn, left the car in the parking lot and entered the elevator. At that moment, Gimena Y Nicholas They saw smoke and ran away.

This was the return of Nico Vázquez and Gime Accardi to the theater after the collapse of Miami

Fortunately they managed to get out of the place before it collapsed, but Gimena it was hit when it collided with a palm tree. “We are fine, thanks for worrying”she wrote on social media from the hospital. Nicholas He also thanked the messages and confirmed that they were safe.

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