Laprida demanded justice for Daiana Abregú, the woman who appeared hanged at a police station

Laprida demands justice for the death of Daiana Abregúa 26-year-old woman who found dead in a police cell of that Buenos Aires city.

This Saturday, neighbors and relatives demonstrated and pointed at the policeas they do not believe in the version that indicates that he would have committed suicide by hanging himself with a jacket. The autopsy confirmed that the young woman died as a result of mechanical asphyxiation.

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The same ones who should take care of her took her life, and her dreams. They left her little son without her mother, who was waiting for her like every day, and a mother without her daughter. Her brothers, her colleagues, cousins, nephews and friends of hers will never see her again, ”said a friend of Daiana on her social networks before the march.

Those close to Daiana demonstrated in front of the police station where Daiana was found dead, with posters with slogans that said “no one commits suicide in a police station”.

The latest that is known about the Daiana Abregú case

Suspicion against the officers of the Laprida police station grew even more after he declared a doctor who examined the young woman after being detained for “causing disturbances on public roads” at the exit of a bowling alley.

In the testimony given to the prosecutor of the Functional Unit for Specialized Instruction in Complaints of Crimes against Public Officials and Police Officers of Azul, Juan Ignacio Calonje, doctor Diego Scabuzzo said that He did not notice that the young woman had ingested alcohol and that she was “calm”.

Relatives and neighbors of Daiana, in front of the police station where the young woman was found dead.  (Photo: Courtesy Citrus Magazine)
Relatives and neighbors of Daiana, in front of the police station where the young woman was found dead. (Photo: Courtesy Citrus Magazine)

This contradicts the police versionwhich indicated that Daiana was intoxicated, perhaps under the influence of some other substance, and that she had committed suicide because she was “out of her mind”.

The doctor specified that “he could not smell alcohol because he had a mask and that Daiana was not aggressive, she was just crying.”

The audio that most complicates the police and another doctor

In addition to the doctor’s statement, the Justice evaluates incorporating audio suggesting the victim may have been suffocated with a bag over her head.

This audio was recorded by the 11-year-old daughter of another doctor, identified as Omar Baquini. She was the one who verified the death of Abregu at the police station.

According to reports, the girl sent a message to her friends in which she says: “Dad works at the hospital and what the boss informed him is that Daiana did not hang herself, she was not hanged, but suffocated with a bag over her head”.

In addition, he would have explained to them: “It is said that people who are upset or something put a bag over their heads to calm them down and they came back here and killed them”.

This recording was provided by the girl’s own mother to Justice.

Citrus Magazine

Sergio Roldán, lawyer for the Abregú family, said that “Baquini is a doctor on duty who went to the police station when he was notified of Daiana’s death”and then “made a report that does not close”.

On the other hand, the cell phones of four of the police officers involved were seized in fact for his expertise. They also carried out raids on the houses of the uniformed men.

For the case, they removed the entire police leadership of Laprida.

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