Largest white diamond ever auctioned off for more than 20 million euros

“The Rock”, the biggest white diamond ever auctioned, was auctioned again on Wednesday for 21.68 million Swiss francs (20.67 million euros), slightly beating the lower range of the estimate made by auctioneer Christie’s, which sold at auction in Geneva.

The gemstone weighs 228.31 carats and is so large that it takes up almost the entire palm of a hand.

Christie’s had evaluated it as worth between twenty and thirty million dollars and ended up selling it just above the minimum margin, but the company pointed out that the price obtained represents a new world record for a diamond of this type, which was the largest to be auctioned in history through this type of transaction.

The buyer bid at the last moment over the phone to add more than 95,000 euros to what appeared to be the last bid that had been launched by a person from the room of a prestigious hotel in Geneva where the jewelry auction took place.

This diamond was mined from a South African mine earlier this century and is on sale for the second time since its discovery.

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