Larreta, about the government intern: “It is a soap opera that we watch with great concern”

The head of the Buenos Aires government Horacio Rodriguez Larreta He said that they see the inmates in the Front of All with “great concern”, which he described as “a soap opera”.

Rodríguez Larreta said that the strong differences in the ruling party are “their problem”, in relation to the Frente de Todos, which in the city of Buenos Aires is concerned about other issues such as the high inflation and that they are focused on management.

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The head of the Buenos Aires government warned about the inflation, who said that Argentina has not been able to dominate for decades: “We are at the worst levels, last month was a record”, he asked for a “comprehensive plan” to combat it and criticized that measures such as price controls “it has been proven that they were not going to work ”.

Rodríguez Larreta made these statements at the presentation of the Youth Employment Plan, which aims to get 10,000 neighbors between the ages of 18 and 24 into the workforce by 2023 by encouraging the hiring of this group of people.

What Horacio Rodríguez Larreta said about the differences in Together for Change

The head of the Buenos Aires government

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