Larreta, about the plane held in Ezeiza: "It is one more example of the ineffectiveness of the Government"

Horacio Rodriguez Larreta He referred this Tuesday to Venezuelan Boeing 747 who was detained at the airport Ezeiza and assured that the irregular situation is the responsibility of the national government. “It is one more example of ineffectiveness“, said.

The Head of Government also hopes that the Justice “investigates thoroughly” the matter.

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“It is a shame”

During the announcement of the dismantling of a criminal gang in the City, the Buenos Aires president was asked about what happened at the international airport, after the landing of the plane with the Iranian crew.

“It is a shame. Another sign of government ineffectiveness”, he sentenced. “One more sample of the contradiction of what our foreign policy has been. None of the security alarm systems seem to have worked. It is inadmissible, in this they crossed all the limits“, I consider.

In that sense, Larreta believed that the responsibility lies with the national government. “There is no doubt. the fact that Paraguay has warned us It totally aggravates the situation,” he said. “We hope that the Justice will act thoroughly,” she added.

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