Crime of a young man in Las Varillas

In the friday night the 25th a tragic event took place in the town of Las Varillas, where The body of the 20-year-old identified as Brian Gerardo Jiménez appearedwho had visible stab wounds on his body.

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Since then Justice was looking for Martín Horacio Jiménez, 18, who is listed as the murderer of his brother and escaped from the crime scene. Sources of the investigation and experts confirm that the body showed signs of hanging and had more than 10 stab woundsin the head and the heart.

Crime of a young man in Las Varillas (Fm Identidad Las Varillas/)

The Saturday, March 26 around 2:30 p.m. Police personnel in the framework of the search are reached a construction site located on Buenos Aires street at 100where was Martin Horacio Jimenez. proceed to the capture of the wanted 18-year-old, who, in the presence of the police, self-harmed, dying minutes later at the local hospital.

Wanted Martín Horacio Jiménez, 18 years old

Martin Horacio Jiménez, 18, is wanted (FM Identidad/)

The event It would have been triggered after a fight. Cecilia Dupraz investigative prosecutor of Las Varillas in charge of the case reported “They killed him with great viciousness, but Until now we do not know the mobile. There were no other details.” Police officers found Giménez lying on the street, bloodied and a knife next to him.
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Source: FM Identity.

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