Last days of November to pure party and gastronomy: 8 unmissable events in the Province
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  • 12th Picada and Craft Beer FestivalCAÑUELAS (Uribelarrea Tourist Town): from Friday the 25th to Sunday the 27th, starting at 10 o’clock, at the Uribelarrea Development Society Property.

Description: exhibition of regional products such as craft beer, cold cuts, cheeses and sausages, craft fair and artistic shows with Malobueno, Tracy Lord, Los Troveros, Cinerama and La Piedra. For closing: Ashes. On Saturday, La Delio Valdez and, on Sunday, Agapornis. Fee entry. Organized by the Municipality of Cañuelas.

  • Festival of the First Argentine AutomobileCAMPANA: Sunday 27, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., at Club Ciudad de Campana and at Campito de SIDERCA.

Description: exhibition of classic and electric cars, games, driver education competitions, interviews with automotive designers, shows with Los Carros, Los del Portezuelo, Para Exótica and Los Cayos; stands with collectible items and pieces and food trucks. Free entrance. Organized by the Club of the First Argentine Automobile and the Municipality of Campana.

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  • 74th Festival of the Fogón de los GauchosCOLONEL PRINGLES: from Thursday 24 to Sunday 27, at different times and physical locations in the city.

Description: song, dance, exhibition of entrepreneurs and drawing. Enrique Comercio – Patria y Tradición and the folkloric group of El Fogón will perform. On Friday the 25th the stoves will be lit and Los del Suquía, the Folk Brand, will play; Peña and Association of El Fogón. On Saturday 26, Creole skills, guitar players, presentation of the Nuevos Aires group and closing with popular dance. On Sunday, gaucho ride, Creole lunch and horse riding. Tariff and free tickets according to activity. Organized by the Agrupación El Fogón de los Gauchos with the support of the Municipality of Coronel Pringles.

  • Weekend in MonteMONTE: Saturday 26 and Sunday 27, at different times and physical locations in the city.

Description: Tradition Day at the Casa del Artesano. At 20:15, night of astrotourism in the Costa Laguna. On Sunday 27, starting at 12, 8º Abbott Rock at the Railway Station and, at 16, festivities on the Municipal Esplanade. Free entrance. Organized by the Municipality of Monte.

  • 5th Country Biscuit FestivalBRANDSEN (Oliden): Sunday 27, from 12, on the station premises, Oliden Tourist Town, Route 36, km 77.

Description: gastronomic venue and live shows with the presentation of Mauricio Polero, within the framework of the celebrations for the centenary of the La Olidense Bakery. Free entrance. Organized by the Municipality of Brandsen.

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Brandsen Township

  • Festival of the PureeJULY NINE (French): Saturday 26, from 10 p.m., in the Club Atlético French Hall.

Description: dinner show that includes chorizo ​​and roast meat with purée, dessert and drink. Fee entry. Organized by the Society for the Promotion of French with the support of the Municipality of Nueve de Julio.

Sports events

  • Tour around Lake EpecuénADOLFO ALSINA (Carhué): Saturday 26, starting at 10, and Sunday 27, at 4:30, on the Ecosustentable Beach of Lake Epecuén.

Description: 60-kilometre race with a route that will cross streams, calden forests, ravines, fields, neighborhood roads and the ruins of Villa Epecuén. In addition, there will be two other circuits of 10 and 21 kilometers through the ruins.



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On Saturday, starting in the morning, the accreditations will be made and, in the afternoon, the Argentina-Mexico match can be seen on a giant screen. Then, show with the local band Gadú and technical talk for runners. On Sunday, at 4:30 a.m., the major race will start and, at 8:30 a.m., the shorter ones. Fee registration. Organized by the institution Vuelta al Lago Epecuén with the support of the Municipality of Adolfo Alsina.

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