László Lukács knelt in front of the Scorpions record

My record Twenty Hungarian musicians talk about the album, which is really important to him. The short films will debut on the project’s YouTube channel and the Index, which they have in common is that the musicians performing one by one will perform in the relaunch after two years. Telekom VOLT Festival. In the last part of the series, Gábor Sidlovics talked about his favorite disc, and this time the singer of the Tank Trap, László Lukács, presents the musical material that was decisive for him at the beginning of his career.

László Lukács started to deal with music better at the age of 12-13, he already had records and cassettes towards the end of primary school. At that time he listened mainly to Hungarian bands, because he understood their lyrics. The materials of the first two EDDA records and the Hobo Blues Band were big favorites, but later he became acquainted with more and more foreign bands. He didn’t have too many records because the releases of the bands he liked were either not available for purchase at the record store or were very expensive. Many times five or six threw money at an album, which was then duplicated by copying.

The singer was a bit in trouble with which record to choose from, as there are several bands that love their albums, including Motörhead, Iron Maiden, AC / DC, or even Scorpions, but he also loved Kraftwerk material. . He saw Motörhead live for the first time at the age of 16, which had the effect of making him feel like another Lukács Laci went home after the concert. Yet he did not choose from his publications, but brought with him a Scoprions record, the inside cover of which he was utterly impressed at the time: when he saw it, he felt it was his intention to see it in front of him.

I knelt down and said one life, one death, come rock and roll!

The frontman said.

What was on the cover and what else he said about the selected album can be seen in the video below:

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