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Latest news about the situation around Ukraine on June 13, 2022: NATO already admits the loss of territories by Kyiv, and Ukrainian prisoners do not want to return home

Captured Ukrainian soldiers ask not to return to Ukraine

Captured Ukrainian soldiers ask not to return to Ukraine

A photo: Alexander KOTS


More and more experts, political scientists and even officials in the West admit that Ukraine will have to make territorial concessions in order to achieve peace.

– Peace in Ukraine is possible. The question is what will be its price. How much territory, freedom and democracy we are willing to pay for this world. NATO intends to help Ukraine in order to give it the strongest position at the negotiating table with Russia, which should end the hostilities, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has already said. Moreover, just yesterday, Zelensky hinted that he might agree to the recognition of Crimea as Russian. It turns out that the West no longer allows any victory for Ukraine. The question is only and exclusively in the price. They are ready for the bargaining stage.

But now it’s too late, guys, this option is no longer relevant.


According to Tatyana Moskalkova, Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation, mothers of Ukrainian prisoners turn to her with requests not to extradite them to Ukraine. With similar requests to the office of the Plenipotentiary, the same requests are made by the prisoners themselves. The requests are explained very prosaically – Ukrainians in Russian captivity are well fed, shod, dressed, and most importantly – there is no threat to their lives. In the event of their return to their homeland, they are threatened with either a trial, or sending them to the front lines again.

As Moskalkova stressed, decisions on such appeals will be made by the Russian Ministry of Defense, since the prisoners are under the jurisdiction of this department.


It became known about the death in Severodonetsk of another mercenary in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from among the subjects of Her Majesty. Former British soldier Jordan Gatley, who retired from the army of the United Kingdom only in March of this year, ended his life on the land of Donbass, namely, in Severodonetsk.

– We have received several messages from his team telling us about his wealth of knowledge, his skills as a soldier and his love for his job. His team says everyone loved him as much as we do and he has made a huge difference in the lives of many people,” his father, Dean Gatley, wrote about his son on social media. Of course, he kept silent about the fact that his son changed the lives of many people, right up to its termination, calling his son not a mercenary, but a “hero”. In fact, there are already hundreds of such “grounded” mercenaries in Ukraine and Donbass, but few of them have been identified. And if he had escaped in time, he would have survived.


Almost all violators of public order are now being taken into the army in Ukraine. A few days ago in Odessa in the evening there was a showdown between several young people. The arriving policemen recommended that they balance the hormonal background at the front. Having received the summons, the young people went there. And literally a day later, one heterosexual couple had sex in the Odessa beach club Public Beach & Club. They were also issued summonses as punishment.

– Participants of an obscene act in one of the recreation facilities in Odessa are preparing to undergo a medical examination. It will determine not only the state of their health after appropriate general procedures. Examination of doctors will take place in connection with the receipt by these unfortunate vacationers of subpoenas to the territorial recruitment and social support centers. A hormonal surge in the future, they can lead to a normal balance during the hostilities, – the speaker of the Odessa OVA mockingly commented on the situation.


The Office of the President of Ukraine is extremely dissatisfied with the scale of arms supplies to Kyiv from the West. This dissatisfaction was also expressed by Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, in an interview with the British The Daily Telegraph.

“As for the MLRS, we need not three or four systems, but about 300,” Podolyak told British journalists. 300, not four as promised by Washington. How can you not remember the German proverb that appetite comes with eating.

The Ukrainians are also not satisfied with the range of the supplied weapons. Who would have reminded them of the words of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov that the further the weapons supplied to Ukraine are hit, the further to the west Russian troops will be forced to move the dividing line in the combat zone.


Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany, Andriy Melnyk, who has already become the talk of the town, did not last long in the mode of verbal abstinence.

– Dear “traffic light” (coalition with the “Greens” – ed.) government, why are you denying the army these Marder BMPs, which Rheinmetall can supply immediately, while Ukraine in the Donbas is bleeding before your eyes? he lashed out again at the German federal government. Moreover, immediately after Bild published an interview with Rheinmetall CEO Armin Papperger, in which he announced his readiness to send modernized Marder infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine even today. And the only thing that prevents this from being done is the lack of permission from the German government.


The Dagens Nyheter newspaper reported that Swedish authorities have banned Tetra Pak from exporting its products to Russia. The company itself is concerned that because of this, its assets will either be repurchased by Russian producers, or, in general, may be nationalized, which will give Russian companies “access to technology.” The company really uses the most advanced technologies in its industry and has a well-deserved global recognition.

And you can’t say that the Swedes are worried out of the blue…


– The President of Finland said that his country would not join NATO without Sweden. But Turkey does not allow Sweden.

– In the coming week, new passport offices will be opened in Melitopol, Berdyansk, Enerhodar and other regional centers of the Zaporozhye region. The internal affairs bodies have already prepared more than ten premises for passport centers.

– German Finance Minister Christian Lindner said that the government “left little room to maneuver to introduce new measures to support the population in the face of record inflation.” Probably, it is necessary to introduce new sanctions urgently?


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