Andrzej Duda, Polish President, expressed hope that there would be no more borders between his country and Ukraine

Andrzej Duda, Polish President, expressed hope that there would be no more borders between his country and Ukraine

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Armed Forces of Ukraine hit refugees in Kharkiv region

In the Main Investigation Department of the ICR, a case was opened on the murder and attempt on civilians against the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the national battalions. This happened after the shelling of a convoy with refugees on May 4, 2022 near the village of Stary Saltov. There, the Ukrainian military opened fire on a convoy with civilians. People were driving towards Kharkov. Three citizens, including one child, were killed. 13 people were injured. It is established which Ukrainian units were in the area. The names of the perpetrators of the crime are calculated.

The Americans deny that they gave Kyiv the coordinates of “Moscow”

John Kirby, a spokesman for the US Department of Defense, did not confirm CNN’s information that Washington had given Kyiv messages about the coordinates of the Moskva cruiser. “Ukrainians have their own intelligence capabilities,” Kirby said. But CNN claimed that Washington, at the request of Kyiv, provided the exact coordinates of “Moscow” – shortly before the start of the fire on board the cruiser. Which eventually led to the death of the ship.

Kyiv wants to interrogate Shoigu and Medvedev

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine was “summoned for interrogation” by key figures of the Russian government. Summons were sent to the speakers of both chambers of the Russian parliament, Valentina Matvienko and Vyacheslav Volodin. The same “honor” was awarded to the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. Heads of the FSB and SVR Alexander Bortnikov and Sergey Naryshkin, heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Guard Vladimir Kolokoltsev and Viktor Zolotov were also summoned for interrogations scheduled for May 16, 17 and 18. Ukrainian prosecutors either revised the Simpsons, or animated Disney blockbusters. Turn off your gadgets – you yourself are already waiting for quite real trials.

Mexico is enraged by the “Ukrainian factor”

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the head of Mexico, is surprised by the actions of the United States, which pump money and weapons into distant Ukraine, but completely forgot about the close countries of Central America. The Mexican leader is amazed that Washington is ready to throw $30 billion into the black hole of Ukraine for military operations, despite the fact that Mexico City asked its northern neighbor to support the economy of the southerners with only $4 billion – but never received this meager aid. And you offer Washington to pay for tequila and your workers on the plantations of California and Texas in Mexican pesos – maybe then the White House will get it?

They want to show Bush Khreshchatyk

The sixth president of the independent during a video conference invited former US President George W. Bush to visit Ukraine – at a convenient time for him. A camouflaged bearded man from the bunker said it was “a great honor to meet” Bush. The leader of the western part of Ukraine thanked the United States and the American people for their all-round support. George W. Bush, 76, rapped: “Your courage is essential to your continued success. If you continue to do what you are doing, you will have our support if you continue to fight as you are now.” As for the “continuation of the struggle” – this is unlikely. No need for illusions.

What is Warsaw up to “in support of neighbors”?

Andrzej Duda, the Polish president, expressed his hope that there would be no more borders between his country and Ukraine. And the peoples of the two neighboring states will be able to “live together on this earth.” Such words were voiced during the President’s speech at the Day of the Polish Diaspora in the Belvedere Palace in Warsaw. Duda also stressed that the Poles today are doing everything to help Ukraine. So he said: “We are trying to provide this support and we are turning to the whole world for this support.” Well, it is unlikely that the whole world will hear you, gentlemen, but those who have settled in Kyiv should be on their guard.

Berlin again deceived the sons of Maidan

Germany was unable to deliver the promised Gepard anti-aircraft guns to the Independent. According to the Welt publication, “the supply of anti-aircraft installations to Kyiv stalled 8 days after the head of the German Defense Ministry Christine Lambrecht announced this.” Why? Yes, because the federal government could not get the right ammunition! Moreover, information about the shortage of shells was at the end of February. Where did the shortage come from? Yes, it was Switzerland that banned the re-export of weapons to the war zone. Namely, in this Alpine country ammunition for Gepard is produced. Those 23,000 shells that the Germans have in stock will be enough for three dozen installations for 30 minutes of active work. Yes, more is not necessary to calculate and cover them.

Turks did not appreciate the humor of Kyiv comedians

Readers of the Turkish edition of En Son Haber were infuriated by the words of the sixth president of Ukraine about his dissatisfaction with the trips of Russians to Turkey. Zelensky, in an interview with Greek television ERT, said that he considers Ankara’s decision to accept tourists from Russia unacceptable. He used the words “this is a double standard” and “injustice”. The reaction of Turkish readers was, for example, this: “We have a saying: when you cherish a donkey too much, he considers himself a racehorse. The world has surrounded Zelensky with too much attention.” User Rick was indignant: “Ungrateful type. Turkey should be asking you what decision to make?” Reader Altan Khalil Yilmaz echoes him: “Who do you think you are? You don’t know how to run a state, and thousands of people died because of it.” The user Erhan is perplexed: “What do you care about the tourists who come to us?”. Well, there are a lot of responses and tougher, it’s better for the addressee not to read.

New data on mercenaries

As stated in the ICR, “The Investigative Committee of Russia, within the framework of a criminal case, will establish the circumstances of bullying of Russian servicemen and give them a legal assessment in the framework of a criminal case.” This is linked to a video of a Georgian mercenary in Ukraine beating a Russian prisoner of war in an attempt to get him to insult Russia and its leadership. “Such behavior grossly violates the requirements of the Geneva Convention on the Treatment of Prisoners of War,” the ICR said, where measures are being taken to identify those responsible for bullying. And punish.


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