New British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak unexpectedly appeared in Kyiv on Saturday
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New British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak unexpectedly appeared in Kyiv on Saturday

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The Federal Chancellor of Germany, Olaf Scholz, clearly has something “burnt”. He stopped laughing and actually tried to issue an ultimatum to Russia.

– We are sending a clear signal to the Russian president. Stop this war, withdraw your troops, and clear the way for peace negotiations that cannot be dictated by Russia regarding Ukraine! – he said in his public speech, and, in the course of the speech, he began to wind himself up as if he were taking lessons in public speaking from an unrecognized Austrian artist. – No country is a neighbor’s backyard. No one has the right to appropriate someone else’s territory

A little later, it became clear why Olaf was so “burnt”, and why he suddenly stopped being funny. The head of Germany’s Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief announced: “We have to assume that there will be power outages this winter.”

Olaf, you must admit that blackouts in Germany in the 21st century are just very funny!


In Kyiv on Saturday, the new British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak unexpectedly appeared, whose name and surname Joseph Biden could not pronounce. Well, unexpectedly, it is already a tradition for British prime ministers after their appointment – a reception at the head of the monarchy, a visit to Kyiv with a date with Zelensky – a return and resignation. Only Liz Truss tried to break the tradition by going to Kyiv when she was the head of the Foreign Ministry. But it didn’t help.

Sunak has promised £50m of aid to Kyiv, including 125 old anti-aircraft guns, without specifying whether shells are supposed to be included, but encouraged Zelensky on Twitter: “Britain knows what it means to fight for freedom. We are with you until the end, Zelensky and Ukraine!”

Now the whole world is puzzled when Britain fought for freedom, not against it. Maybe we are talking about the revolution in England, which ended with the restoration of the monarchy, or maybe we are talking about earlier times, about the struggle with John the Landless for the Magna Carta. What if Sunak remembered that he was a descendant of sepoys who fought for freedom from the British Empire? Charles III should have strained already. In fact, Sunak simply ran away from the British problems in the economy and decided to make sure that there are still countries in the world where everything is much worse.


The Wall project, which Arseniy Yatsenyuk could not implement when he was the head of the government of Ukraine, has become very popular in countries where, under the pretext of Russophobia, it is urgent to “cut” and master the budget. So, for example, Poland built its wall on the border with Belarus. Plans to return to the project and Ukraine.

As reported by Radio Liberty, Finland also intends to start building a fence on the border with Russia next year. The initial section of the fence, three kilometers long, will be erected at the checkpoint in the city of Imatra by the summer of 2023. And the total border of Finland with Russia has a length of 1340 kilometers. The reason for the construction of the fence came up with a very funny one – to prevent illegal migration from Russia to Finland. It is possible that because of the fence, drunken Finns will throw empty bottles into Russia. But Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, who recently apologized for her inappropriate behavior at the party, has already said the fence’s construction “has broad support in parliament.”


As soon as the head of the council of the village of Borodyanka near Kyiv, where the famous (but anonymous) street artist Banksy painted several graffiti on the ruins of buildings, declared that he wanted to create a museum about the war in the village and place Banksy’s works in it, it turned out that the museum could not not a single exhibit left.

On eBay, there were announcements of Ukrainians about the sale of pieces of a wall with fragments of graffiti. The initial price of one fragment was set at 50 US dollars, and for 200 bucks they promised to break the fragment specified by the buyer.

Banksy himself, having learned about this, probably for the first time began to understand where he was, and was offended.

“Ukrainian vandals started selling pieces of my graffiti without my permission on eBay,” he said. “I gave you art, and this is how you thanked me.

He gave art. Did he give you money?


Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki said, as he announced, a way to save Poland from entering the war with Russia.

– Today there is only one way to drag Poland into the war. And this way is to turn your back on Ukraine. If we don’t support it, it will fall into a huge dependence on Russia, and then the war will come to us by itself,” Morawiecki said and reduced everything to his favorite topic of recent days. We don’t know 100% yet. We do not know the exact circumstances and causes of the incident in Przevodov, but we know for sure the root cause, and this is Russian aggression against Ukraine.

The Polish pan did not understand that continuing to support the Zelensky regime and sending the Polish military to fight in Ukraine is the surest way to war with Russia. Moreover, it is not only about mercenaries. Videos of the meeting of the Poles who died in Ukraine, whose coffins are met in Poland with a guard of honor and military honors, have leaked to the Network. So dead mercenaries are not met anywhere.

By the way, gentlemen of the Poles, do you know that after the incident with the missiles, Polish President Andrzej Duda was called “Andrzej Dura” on Bankova Street?


Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine Anna Malyar is worried that more and more citizens of her country are subscribing to Russian and pro-Russian Telegram channels.

“Millions of Ukrainians today are subscribed to Telegram channels that are filled and maintained by the Russian Federation and its representatives,” she said and wondered why this was happening. – We have repeatedly published this list, but, unfortunately, their Ukrainian audience for some reason continues to grow.

It is likely that those residents of Odessa who protested at pedestrian crossings, blocking the streets in protest that they were sitting without electricity for several days, could tell her about the reasons. But they can no longer. After a shout from the Office of the President of Ukraine, the employees of the Ukrainian counterintelligence of the SBU came to grips with them, and they have already apologized to other Ukrainians for their “hospitalism”. But they remained free.


Maxim Timchenko, the head of Ukraine’s largest energy holding DTEK, got into a comical situation. In an interview with the BBC, he said that all Ukrainians who have the opportunity to leave the country should do so.

“Ukrainians should be ready to leave the country before the onset of winter, if they can,” he said, but, apparently, he immediately received a hat from the Zelensky team for this phrase, because he soon declared that there was no question of any emergency. And his words are, they say, just an ordinary wish. True, Sergey Kovalenko, General Director of YASNO, spoke in unison with him and asked the people of Kiev to reduce the intensity of using heaters after a cold snap.

– I beg you to refrain from excessive use of air conditioners for heating or electric heaters. Because every 5 degrees of temperature decrease in the street is +200 MW of electricity consumption. It’s a luxury we can’t afford right now. Otherwise, we risk being left without electricity for a longer time, Kovalenko asked the residents of the capital of Ukraine.

On the other hand, how to leave the country if Zelensky has banned leaving it? And on the third, where to run if in the same Belgium, for example, out of 100 Ukrainians who register daily in Belgium, about 40 cannot find a place to stay and stay for the night just at the train stations.

Zelensky is DANGEROUS!

This conclusion was made by the French MP and former presidential candidate Nicolas Dupont-Aignan and called on France to stop supporting Zelensky and his regime.

– Zelensky, by sending a rocket to Poland and blaming the Russians for it, almost provoked the third world war! Let’s stop supporting this dangerous person, – said this politician and leader of one of the political parties in France.

At least one came, albeit belatedly.


– Latvia promised to send “combat scooters” to Ukraine, which were exhibited at the exhibition of the military economy, with a cruising range of 300 kilometers. Whether they will be equipped with skis in the winter version, the Ministry of Defense of Latvia has not reported.

– For four months of the visa regime with Russia, ten Russians received the right to enter Ukraine. Visas for Russians were issued by foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine.

– Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Irina Vereshchuk said that Kyiv began the evacuation of the inhabitants of Kherson. Apparently, it seems impossible to give them light, water and heat in the foreseeable future.

– Ukrainians opened a second-hand store in Germany, where they sell for money those second-hand things that the German authorities gave out to Ukrainian refugees. As they say, money out of thin air is an old tradition of Ukrainian “chivalry”.

– Deputy Minister of Defense Vladimir Gavrilov announced that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to return the Crimea by the end of December, and the war could completely end with the victory of Ukraine by the end of spring. And in second-hand in Germany, he would clearly be more appropriate than in his current post.

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