An SBU officer checks the documents of a visitor to the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra in Kyiv.
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An SBU officer checks the documents of a visitor to the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra in Kyiv.

A photo: REUTERS

All power plants temporarily de-energized in Square

The Ministry of Energy of the Independent on Wednesday reported that all nuclear and most of the country’s thermal and hydroelectric power plants were temporarily de-energized on November 23. And the vast majority of consumers of electricity throughout the independent, of course, were left without electricity. There were interruptions in heating and water supply. On Wednesday, an air alert was announced throughout Ukraine. Kyiv, Kharkiv, Khmelnitsky, Nikolaev, Lviv and the Ukrainian-controlled part of the Zaporozhye region sat without electricity. The mayor of Lviv specified that the city is completely deprived of electricity. The authorities of the Odessa region also reported about the complete shutdown of the power supply to the region. Not a candle to God, not a poker to hell.

Czechs are afraid of war and are preparing for it in fear

Karel Rzeka, Chief of Staff of the Czech Armed Forces, said that the country needs to maintain a full level of combat readiness – in case of “a big war against a strong enemy.” Rzeka believes that a hypothetical war in Europe is becoming a reality before our eyes, and in the event of a clash between Russia and NATO, the Czech army will immediately take part in this. Earlier, deputies of the lower house of the Czech parliament adopted a resolution where they assessed “the current Russian regime as a terrorist one.” There is a suspicion that these “brothers of the Slavs” in 1945 were not completely freed from Nazism.

Kyiv pokes at Sevastopol with drones

Mikhail Razvozhaev, the governor of Sevastopol, said that three UAVs tried to attack the city of Russian military glory from the sea. These attacks were repelled. Previously, downed drones attacked the Balaklava TPP, but also unsuccessfully. According to the governor, the attack on November 23 was carried out by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in memory of the events seven years ago, when Kyiv blew up a power line in Kherson, de-energizing the Crimea. Razvozhaev wrote: “It didn’t work out. Over the water area, our fleet also repelled the attacks of three UAVs today.” There was no damage to infrastructure or casualties.

The Ministry of Defense of Germany does not believe in the imminent end of the fighting in Ukraine

Christine Lambrecht, head of the German Defense Ministry, urged not to count on an early end to hostilities in Ukraine. According to her, this conflict will last for months. The German Defense Minister said that it is necessary to make sure that Ukraine has the ability to survive. But former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told CNN that before the start of the Russian NVO, the German authorities assumed a quick military defeat of the square. According to Johnson, the position of the Germans then was that if this happened, which would be a disaster, it would be better if everything ended sooner – and Ukraine surrendered. According to the former British prime minister, representatives of the German government cited a number of weighty economic reasons in support of their position. It’s good to be an ex – you can dump all the shameful secrets of the allies.

SpaceX sued the Ukrainian company Starlink

SpaceX has filed a lawsuit against the Ukrainian company Starlink and Ukrpatent, demanding that the trademark be terminated. The Ukrainian edition of Economic Truth reminds that the Ukrainian brand Starlink was registered in 2011, the company is engaged in IT services. But the satellite communications system owned by SpaceX is also called Starlink. Earlier, due to insufficient funding in Ukraine, since October 24, 1.3 thousand SpaceX Starlink terminals have been cut down. At the same time, according to the Ukrainian Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov, Musk, even before the discussion of the issue of funding began, promised that the functioning of Starlink in Ukraine would be ensured. Well, promise – not to marry.

The CIA will recruit “dissatisfied NWO Russians”

The US Central Intelligence Agency is going to involve in cooperation those citizens of the Russian Federation who do not support the SVO. The Wall Street Journal quoted CIA Deputy Director David Marlow as saying: “We are looking all over the world for Russians who are disgusted by this, just like us. We are open to cooperation.” He made this statement during a speech at the think tank at George Mason University. In general, disgust is not a constructive feeling; with this approach, you can only collect garbage.

London will give Kyiv the king of the sea

London is going to transfer three Sea King helicopters to Kyiv (sea king). The Times reports this, referring to a statement by Ben Wallace, the British Secretary of Defense. This will be the first delivery from Britain to the Independent, including manned aircraft. One of the helicopters is already in the independent. This is part of a new aid package for Kyiv. It will also include 10,000 artillery shells. And ten Ukrainian crews completed a six-week training program, piloting helicopters retired by the Royal Navy in 2018. There are ten crews – and three turntables, they will change pilots like gloves.

Ukrainians will complicate life in Estonia

In the quiet Baltic republic, Ukrainian refugees are being made more difficult to obtain the temporary protection status they now enjoy. The telegram channel Baltnews reports this with reference to the Vice-Chancellor for Cultural Diversity of the Estonian Ministry of Culture Eda Silberg. According to her, in order to apply for an extension of the status, now you have to go through an adaptation program. It includes a course of lectures about life in Estonia, as well as 100 academic hours of studying the Estonian language and passing an exam on its knowledge. And then – interrogation-o-poshalov-at, hot Ukrainian guys. But not all.

Gas for Moldova “stuck” in the square

Andrei Spinu, Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister, said that the “loss” of Russian blue fuel supplied under a contract to Moldova, which Gazprom announced the day before, can be easily explained. The southern republic is creating fuel reserves in Ukrainian underground gas storages (UGS). Spinu said: “Those volumes of gas that Gazprom calls remaining in Ukraine are our savings and reserves stored in underground storage facilities in Ukraine. These volumes will be fully paid by our country.” According to him, Moldova has accumulated more than 200 million cubic meters of gas in reserves. Spinu stressed that “pressure, blackmail, threats should no longer take place,” and Chisinau, together with Kyiv, “will achieve energy independence.” Well, yes, you are on the right path, comrades – Kyiv has already achieved independence from light and heating.

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