Rosalía, winner of the top prize of the Latin Grammy 2022
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“The album is a provocative act in this era of singles,” said Fito Páez, before presenting the category Album of the yearwhich crowned rosalia. The Spanish singer took the biggest prize of the Latin Grammys 2022from the shortlist he shared with Christina Aguilera, Marc Anthony, Bad Bunny, Bomba Estereo, Jorge Drexler, Elsa Y Elmar, Fonseca, Alejandro Sanz and Sebastian Yatra.

Three hours earlier, the 23rd annual Latin Grammy Awards had kicked off in Las Vegas with a medley of songs of Marco Antonio Solis. The choice of his repertoire, in the voices of different interpreters, was because the artist was chosen in this edition as the “Person of the Year”, which is the most outstanding award that the Latin Music Academy awards to musicians who have a long trajectory. For those who want to spin fine, with her award and the top prize that remained in the hands of Rosalía, a bridge of at least half a century of music is drawn.

Rosalía, winner of the top prize of the Latin Grammy 2022Denise Truscello – Getty Images North America

At minute one, Bad Bunny It was the most nominated, in ten categories, but it prevailed in half. Behind the urban music star was followed by Barrera (9), Rauw Alejandro and Jorge Drexler (8), Christina Aguilera, Rosalía, Yainy, Jorge Luis Chacín and Jorge Reyes Copello (7), Camilo, Carlos Vives and Dave Kutch (6 ), Yoel Henriquez, José Castillo, Jean Rodriguez and Elena Rose (5) and Marc Anthony, the Argentine producer Rafael Arcaute, Fonseca, Becky G, Mauricio Rengifo, Andrés Torres and Sebastián Yatra (4). But with the passing of the hours the trends were changing and there were surprises, even in shortlists that were not the central ones. On the one hand, the great night that Jorge Drexler had; on the other, an Argentine case to highlight, Fito Páez.

Fito with perfect assistance. Paéz had a great performance on the night of the Latin Grammys this year. It was nominated in three categories for best pop/rock album (for the wild years), Best Rock Song (“The Best of Our Lives”) and “Best Pop/Rock Song (“Babel”, a duet with Carlos Vives). And he won all three! In addition to Fito, other Argentines also won statuettes at the first gala, He Killed a Motorized Policeman Y Pablo Estigarribia, for his tango album with works by Horace Salgan.

Fito Páez posed with the first of the three Latin Grammys he received last night in Las Vegas
Fito Páez posed with the first of the three Latin Grammys he received last night in Las VegasBryan Steffy – Getty Images North America

Drexler, a big winner. Due to lack of proximity and other issues, everything that is generated in this South may have a special merit when it arrives and triumphs at awards such as the Latin Grammys, where its presence is usually far from the majority trends. Just as Fito had a great night, the uruguayan Jorge Drexler (based a couple of decades ago in Spain) prevailed in most of the categories in which it participated. And she had a finishing touch for this gala, which was his musical, with the theme “Tocarte”, together with Elvis Costello and with the most original staging of the ceremony. Minutes later she returned to the stage: “This is crazy, it is a wonderful exaggeration. I couldn’t be happier”, he said upon receiving his award in the Recording Engineering category, precisely for the song “Tocarte”, which he wrote with C. Tangana.

The hosts. “There are no borders here, we are global,” said Anitta, who is Brazilian, along with Luis Fonsi from Puerto Rico, Thalia from Mexico and Laura Pausini from Italy. The choice of each of these names not only had to do with what they can represent as artists and the fame of each one, with their long careers. There was, without a doubt, an intention to draw that map to which the Brazilian referred and with the fact that Latin music continues to conquer territories.

The shows. rauw alejandro, with eight nominations, was the first of the pure reggaeton solo musicals. and followed him nicky jam with one of his big hits. During the first hour, Angela Aguilar was also present, with “En realidad”, a song of traditional Mexican music. Along the same lines was the ranchera “Cuando me de la gana”, a song that Christina Aguilera he performed alongside Christian Nodal and is part of the latest album in Spanish by the New York singer. After a while, the course was once again set towards Mexico, with Chiquis and the Recoditos. And towards the end, Marco Antonio Solís returned with Los Bukis, a band he founded in the mid-seventies.

Marco Antonio Solis one of the most honored on the night of the Latin Grammy 2022
Marco Antonio Solis one of the most honored on the night of the Latin Grammy 2022John Parra – Getty Images North America

Of course, not everything was strident or evocative with Mexican airs. The Colombians Camilo Y Carlos Vives got together with Nicole Zignago and Silvana Estrada for a musical of armchair, carpet and lamps, that living room effect that somehow recalled the mtv unplugged. Rosalía made a medley with songs from her latest album (“HENTAI”, “La fama” and “Despechá”), with a resource that the Grammys usually use (several different scenarios to give a different context to each fragment of theme).

Need for nuances. If these Grammys are intended to be a broad representation of Latin music, the musicals could open the spectrum to other trends, even if they do not circulate through the mass market of this industry. This was exposed when Sebastian Yatra put the vintage pop touch, together with John Legend, with the theme “Tacones Rojos” almost two hours after the awards ceremony began. Together they left the sensation of everything homogeneous that, at times, the above could be. And this was definitively confirmed when Jorge Drexler took the stage with Elvis Costello. The awards could look for other experiences like these, outside the canons that are the most traveled in this industry.

Thanks. Why Mark Anthony thanked half in Spanish and half in English in front of an audience and a mostly Latino audience? “Even though I’m a little hoarse tonight I’m getting drunk,” said Sebastián Yatra, receiving one of his awards. Christina Aguilera won in the category Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album. Aerie It’s called his second album in Spanish (the first one was recorded 22 years ago). The funny thing is that when she said thank you, she didn’t say a single word in Spanish. She was not obliged to do it, but the fact is still one of the curiosities of this business. Marco Antonio Solís, the “Person of the Year”, said: “My heart is flooded with gratitude. Gratitude is the memory of the heart. I see a lot of youth present in music.

The music in the extremes. Silvana Estrada she is Mexican and is 25 years old; Angela Alvarez It surpasses it by seventy, accuses 95. What they have in common is that the two were nominated in the new artist category and the Latin Grammy voters gave the shortlist a tie. “I would like to thank the academy and all those who have helped me get to this moment,” explained the nonagenarian singer. Very especially to my daughter Marucha, who I know is enjoying this moment and is very proud of her mother. And finally to my grandson and producer Carlos José Álvarez. He was the one who helped me get here at this time. And I want to dedicate this award to God and to my beloved homeland, Cuba, which I will never be able to forget. And to those who have not realized their dreams. Even if life is difficult, you can always achieve it. It’s never too late,” she said, and she finished with a standing ovation.

Angela Alvarez, at 95 years old, was one of the revelations of the night of the Latin Grammys 2022
Angela Alvarez, at 95 years old, was one of the revelations of the night of the Latin Grammys 2022Denise Truscello – Getty Images North America

Gal deserved more. An awards ceremony takes months of production, preparation, assembly and adjustments. But there are facts that can generate changes almost at the last minute. The game of artists can be one of them. The death of Gal Costa had a mention during one of the presentations at the main gala. But a figure of his stature surely deserved more than a brief comment and a photograph.

Album of the year: motomamiRosalia.

Song of the year: “Touch you”, Jorge Drexler.

Record of the year: “Touch you”, Jorge Drexler and C. Tangana

Best Pop Vocal Album: DharmaSebastian Yatra.

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album: AerieChristina Aguilera

Best Contemporary Tropical Album: Cumbiana IICarlos Vives

Best Urban Music Album: a summer without youBad Bunny.

Best New Artist: Angela Alvarez and Silvana Estrada.

Best Salsa Album: I’m going thereMarcAnthony

Best song: “The guerrilla of harmony”, Jorge Drexler, and “Red heels”, Sebastian Yatra

Best Rap/Hip Hop Song: “Museum”, Bad Bunny.

Best Alternative Song (Songwriters Award): “The day you premiered the world”, Jorge Drexler and Rafa Arcaute.

Best Pop/Rock Song: “Babel”, Fito Páez and Carlos Vives

Best Rock Song: “The best of our lives”, Fito Paez.

Best Urban Song: “Titi asked me”, Bad Bunny.

Best Song in Portuguese Language: “Vento Sardo”, Jorge Drexler & Marisa Monte.

Producer of the Year: Julio Reyes Copello.

Best Long Form Music Video: “Hasta la raíz”, Natalia Lafourcade, Bruno Bancalari & Juan Pablo López-Fonseca,

Best Short Form Music Video: “This is not America”, Residente/Ibeyi/Lisa-Kaindé Diaz & Naomi Diaz Greg Ohrel.

Best Engineering Recording for an Album: motomami (Rosalía/ Chris Gehringer, engineers; Jeremie Inhaber, Manny Marroquin)

Best Reggaeton Performance: “Sorry BB:”, Tainy, Bad Bunny & Julieta Venegas

Best Fusion / Urban Interpretation: “Tití asked me”, Bad Bunny.

Best Latin Jazz/Jazz Album: “Mirror”, Eliane Elias, Chick Corea, Chucho Valdés.

Best Tango Album: Horacio Salgán piano transcriptionsPablo Estigarribia

best arrangement: “The master plan”, Jorge Drexler/ Fernando Velázquez

Best Songwriter Album: ink and timeJorge Drexler

Best Alternative Music Album: motomamiRosalia.

Best Rock Album: a rare vacationHe Killed A Motorized Policeman

Best Pop/Rock Album: the wild yearsFito Paez.

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