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Laura Acuña, according to information from the media, has shared recording stages with her colleague Iván Lalinde for the new season of ‘La voz’ on Canal Caracol.

In addition to a career that has united them on Colombian television, the presenter lived a special moment with the man from Antioquia during the celebration of his 40th birthday, this June 15.

Just as a confession by Andrés Cepeda stunned her at the time, the Santanderean was surprised by her new partner in the singing program for a stone he gave her.

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Laura Acuña exposed Iván Lalinde with a stone photo that she gave him for his birthday

The host of ‘La voz’, a singing program on Canal Caracol, shared from your personal Instagram accountwhere he has more than 4.2 million followers, the gift that his colleague gave him.

“Onix is ​​a strong stone in protection against bad energies. Purifies the personal aura and home spaces. It is an invigorating gem, it brings peace and joy, ”said the legend of that detail.

Acuña tagged the presenter from Antioquia in that message of thanks for the gift with which he surprised her during the celebration of her special day.

This was the publication with which the Santanderean revealed the gift that her colleague from Canal Caracol gave her in the middle of her birthday celebration.

Instagram @lauraacunaayala
Instagram @lauraacunaayala

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