Lebanon: the UN greatly increases its aid for food security
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A sum of 5.4 billion dollars, this is the aid that the World Food Program (WFP) will release for the benefit of Lebanon for the next three years, ie 1.8 billion dollars per year.

A very large increase knowing that, until now, the envelope allocated by the United Nations program, intended 70% for Syrian refugees settled on Lebanese territory and 30% for nationals, amounted to 700 million dollars per year.

A double crisis

The country is going through the most serious economic crisis in its history and, as the Lebanese site reminds us Al-Modon, “most of the Lebanese have fallen into poverty and need help”. Marked by soaring prices and a fall in the national currency, the crisis has dramatically deteriorated the living conditions of the population, dragging around 80% of Lebanese below the poverty line, compared to less than 30% before the crisis.

So this $5.4 billion of“emergency assistance in kind and in cash” will benefit “1 million Syrian refugees and 1 million Lebanese” for the years 2023 to 2025, according to the director of the WFP in Lebanon, Abdallah Al-Wardat.

Lebanon has hosted around 1.5 million Syrians since the start of the conflict in the neighboring country in 2011, of whom nearly 1 million are registered with the United Nations.

In addition to the economic crisis, Lebanon is in the throes of a political crisis, preventing the election of a new president while the mandate of the outgoing head of state, Michel Aoun, ended on October 31. The executive is headed by the resigning government of Najib Mikati.

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