Legislative: has the left won its bet?

He did not achieve the dream breakthrough for La France insoumise, nor to be appointed Prime Minister. The score of the Nupes is not even the sensation of the evening. The prize goes unquestionably to the National Rally in the comments of the foreign press. Nevertheless: the latter is unanimous in noting the performance achieved by Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the second round of the legislative elections on June 19.

First of all, as pointed out The evening in Belgium, because by obtaining 142 seats in the Assembly, “has the great merit of having reinstalled the left on the electoral map thanks to a union that was so lacking during the presidential election”. The results are below what the pollsters and the leader had predicted, recall in Germany Die Zeit. But across the Channel, the curator Daily Telegraph talk about“an impressive performance for the left-wing coalition that France had not known since 1997”.

An unconventional opposition

Consequence: the President of the Republic will not have to undergo cohabitation. Instead, he faces opposition of a new order, “and an unconventional opposition, formed on the one hand by a new coalition anchored on the left and dominated by a contingent of young radicals from the ranks of Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s party, and on the other, big surprise of the evening, of a plethoric group of far-right deputies”, write it BBC. In the event of a conflict in Parliament, the news site specifies, neither side will hesitate to take to the streets.

Because a large part of it remains sensitive to the program of the left, writes, in the United States,

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