Legislative in France: Mélenchon claims victory over presidential party "undone"

The leader of the leftist Nupes coalition, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, claimed victory in the first round of the legislative elections this Sunday, considering that the presidential party was “dismantled” and calling for mobilization in the second round to build a “future of harmony”.

“At the end of this first round, Nupes is ahead: it will be present in more than 500 constituencies in the second round”, declared Jean-Luc Mélenchon, in the space “La Fabrique Événementielle”, where Nupes’ election night takes place, in the north of Paris, reacting to the first projections of the election results.

The leader of the coalition that brings together several leftist forces – namely Insubmissive France, the French Socialist Party, the French Communist Party and Europa Ecologia Os Verdes – considered that, in this first round, the presidential party “was defeated and undone”.

“For the first time in the Fifth Republic, a newly elected President cannot have an absolute majority in the legislative election that succeeds him”, he stressed.

Mélenchon thus appealed for the people to mobilize for the second round of the legislative elections, saying that the result of the first round creates an “extraordinary opportunity” for the “common destiny of the homeland”.

“Mobilize yourselves to open wide the doors of the future, a future for which so many generations before ours were mobilized. That future is a future of harmony between human beings, free from social, cultural and gender domination. It is a future of harmony between human beings and nature”, he underlined.

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