Legislative: in France, the big winner is the far right

“Macron weakened, the far right is proud”, headlined this Monday, June 20 the Lebanese daily The Orient-The Day, the day after the French legislative elections which saw the camp of the French president lose its absolute majority and the far right make a historic breakthrough.

“Two months after his re-election, the head of state who had repeatedly urged the French to give him ‘a strong and clear majority’ has not been heard”, writes the newspaper, which also underlines the fairly high abstention rate.

“French elections: a big disappointment for Macron”, headlined the pan-Arab daily Asharq Al-Awsat, claiming that“with this relative majority, Macron will find himself forced to seek allies, […] especially among right-wing deputies”.

“Yesterday’s results are a far cry from what his movement achieved in 2017, when it won an overwhelming majority of 350 seats allowing it to control parliament and make

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