Leiva Joyas bets on the Argentine Industry and presents gold bars with its signature: how and who can acquire them?

How and where to get them?

If you want to purchase the ingots with the signature of Leiva Jewelryyou can enter your Online store and discover the complete catalog or communicate with the sales executives by whatsapp to 1123392643 and receive personalized advice according to your goals.

It should be noted that, unlike other assets, gold does not present limitations when it comes to acquiring it. That is, whoever wants to buy it can do so in the quantities they want and without paying extra charges.

From jewelry they agree that it is a very good time to buy gold since it is the only asset that retains its value even in times of crisis. Currently – after the Covid-19 pandemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine – the world economy has only faltered. Faced with this, the stability of the metals that maintained and even increased their value, touching historical maximums, was demonstrated.


In the face of speculation, the hard data speaks:

  • Gold is the only asset that does not depend on governments, therefore its value is not affected in the midst of a crisis.
  • It is accepted throughout the world, since in each country it has a history that supports it
  • No matter where you are, it always keeps the same price
  • High demand is assured as it is a metal limited by nature.
  • As we said before, it does not present limitations or the payment of taxes at the time of buying gold.
  • If we think of other ways of investing, none of them have so many items in their favor.

When purchasing a gold ingot at Leiva Joyas, it reaches your hands with a guarantee certificate that ensures the quality of the metal for life. In addition, the purity and weight of the product can be read on it.

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‚ÄúThis time we present ingots of 1, 5 and 10 grams. We decided to make these weights so that whoever wants to acquire them can do so from small sums of money. Likewise, if at any time they want to sell them, they can do it gradually” say the sales executives and add “starting to invest in gold is easy and safe, if they communicate with us through whatsapp or social networks, we provide advice so that make the best investment.”

If you want to see the complete catalog, visit their Web page. There you will find detailed information on each of the available products. In addition, you can go to his salon, located at Avenida Corrientes 2813 and clear all doubts.

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