Leonese Humberto Barragán will be inducted into the Sports Journalism Hall of Fame

The professional career that he has forged over 40 years in different communication media, serving as a correspondent, host, sports director or press officer, earned him Humberto Barragan being induced to Sports Journalism Hall of Fame.

Born in Puebla but now that he has become another Leonese, the journalist will be part, starting next week, of the fifth generation of this important site that recognizes years not only of work, but above all of dedication and passion.

The Leonese will be part of this fifth generation | Photo: Courtesy

“It fills me with great satisfaction to mention that they honored me with being part of the fifth generation of the National Sports Journalism Hall of Fame. They are years of dedication, effort and dedication and to see the result of all this is simply sensational”, he pointed out. Barragan Avina Through social networks.

according to your son Umbertothe only one of the three who followed in his father’s footsteps by also studying communication Sciencesthe induction ceremony on Hall of Fame will take place on Wednesday at the facilities of the Mexican Sports Confederation (CODEME), in the Mexico City.

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Barragán Avina (center) with Ricardo Peláez | Photo: Courtesy

Humberto Barragan64 years old and with more or less 37 years in the media, will be part of a group of 36 journalists whose work has stood out in the sports section, among whom also stand out Enrique Burak Y Emilio Fernando Alonso.

It is important to point out, however, that the journalist from León who currently works in TV4 and also in the Pipila, he is one of nine outsiders who will be enthroned in this generation.

“I remember a lot of my dad’s comments on the radio. In my house we have a studio and on Sunday afternoons I went live on a national level with what had been the Lion Clubhe locked himself up and we listened to him in the kitchen (…) He is very happy and more because of the fact that there are many years in between, ”said his son Umberto

The journalist currently works at TV4 | Photo: Courtesy

Barragan Avina study communication Sciences on the UBAC (now Universidad de La Salle Bajío), worked in The Herald, as press officer Lion Clubcorrespondent in media such as Penalty, The chronic, XEW Y Acir Group, as a contributor even in the AM newspaper

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