Leonid Yakubovich

Leonid Yakubovich


Leonid Yakubovich decided to have a frank conversation. With tears in his eyes, the host of the show “Field of Miracles” for the first time shared his pain. The showman admitted that he was overcome by a terrible feeling of loneliness, and the circle of people close to him was very small.

Almost no one is left. I sleep very badlyand here, especially at night, it is so lacking sometimes … But there are things that once depended not on me, but on my ancestors, but there are things acquired, “Leonid Yakubovich began his confession.

According to him, he lacks the most common continuity of generations. He is convinced that this is familiar to many Russians. The leader is very kind to the memory of ancestors. He is upset that people are jumping from place to place in search of a better life, so the very concept of home is destroyed.

“I think that if we lived as before, I would live or my children would live in the house of my grandparents. This is what the literature denotes by the word “continuity.” Leonid Arkadievich opened up on the air of Vladimir Legoyda’s Parsuna program on the Spas channel

Once Yakubovich decided to find the house where he grew up. He went to a familiar address, but found a bank in the building. The host asked to let him inside, he just wanted to wander around the rooms, touch the native and dear wallswho still remember all the joyful and sorrowful moments that happened to his family.

“Sometimes I clean my father’s medals, orders – everything will end there. The threads are torn,” the host of the “Field of Miracles” concluded his woeful speech.

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