Less sleep, longer light: next night we will switch to summer time

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In the night from Saturday to Sunday we switch to summer time again. At 2 o’clock in the morning, the clocks are turned one hour further. So we can sleep a little less, but it stays light longer in the evening.


Summer and winter time have been applied in Belgium since 1977. The main reason for this was to save energy: thanks to summer time, people can take advantage of daylight for longer in the evenings, so no electric light is needed.

However, opponents point to the disruption of the biorhythm. In addition, it also causes confusion in many countries, because not every country switches at the same time, making it a complicated tangle. According to Vias Institute, more accidents also happen on Flemish roads in the first week after the switch to summer time.

In 2018, the European Commission suggested abolishing the difference between summer and winter time. According to polls, many Europeans were in favor of this idea, but member states were unable to agree on which hour to choose. In the end it was decided that each country can choose which “clock” they abolish. In our country, the federal government has yet to make a decision on this.

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