LGTBI + movements condemn the prohibition of inclusive language: "Violates the right to identity"


“Also, violates the freedom of expression and the right to gender identity and expression of teachers and students in areas where respecting the law and celebrating diversity should be taught“, he added.

Meanwhile, the official maintained that “the minister (Soledad) Acuña seems to consider what the Royal Spanish Academy says more important than what our laws and the Constitution sayboth of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and of the Nation”.


About, Flavia Massenziopresident of the Argentine LGBT Federation, believed that it is “a measure that seriously undermines our identities and the right to freedom of expression”. He urged the GCBA to reverse the resolution and announced that “We will initiate the corresponding actions for the free exercise of our rights”.

In the Circular 4/2022the Buenos Aires Ministry of Education, headed by Soledad Acuña, ordered teachers to develop the teaching activities and carrying out institutional communications “in accordance with the rules of the Spanish language, its grammatical norms and the official guidelines for its teaching”.

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“The Gender Identity Law establishes the dignified treatment of our identities”he pointed Marcela Romerodirector of the Casa Trans, National Coordinator of the Association of Transvestites, Transsexuals and Transgenders of Argentina (ATTTA).

In this regard, he questioned the prohibition to respect -for example- non-binary identities. Along the same lines, he argued that a resolution “You cannot prohibit respecting the laws and freedom of expression”. “We are not going to remain silent”he concluded.

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