Lies and propaganda for “Victory Day” in Russia

After the service of the master of the Kremlin and his army for the commemorations of May 9, the Ukrainian newspapers do not mince their words. “The so-called Victory Parade was held in the best traditions in Red Square in Moscow and other Russian cities on Monday, May 9, criticism for example Ukraina Moloda. However, the aerial part of the parade did not take place, reportedly due to weather. However, some observers suggest that there are simply not enough Russian planes at the front.”

A speech to justify the war

“In his speech at the start of the parade, Russian President Vladimir Putin tried to justify the ‘special operation’ in Ukraine, but did not officially declare war on Ukraine and did not sign a decree on the mobilization of the Russians, contrary to what had been predicted by the intelligence services and Western specialists”, continues the kyiv daily.

Moreover, in his speech, “the war criminal Putin” has “hardly mentioned Ukraine, as if this country did not exist”.

“Addressing the Russian soldiers, who are now disgraced occupiers of the atrocities and looting in Ukraine, Putin proclaimed: ‘Now you are fighting for the safety of our people in the Donbass‘.”

At the same time, “Putin had the audacity to declare a minute of silence in memory of the civilian victims and the occupied.

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