Like a boss!  'Perro' Bermúdez asks to remove photo captions and users make memes

Los Angeles California.- Through his Twitter account, The chronicler Enrique ‘Dog’ Bermudez uploaded a photo in which he appeared in a pool, but a few fingers ‘they hinderedso you requested to remove them and here the results.

Some people decided to switch feet with the TUDN reporter.

Others made the decision to make Bermúdez the Thanos ‘dog’.

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Some more took it as a joke and added from dogs, to the woman who covers her fingers with a shirt.

Some other users determined to show the ‘Dog’ a microphone from his work and also show off to the competition.

And there was an account that decided to delete Enrique ‘Perro’ Bermudez from the pool

Finally, there were people who decided to help ‘Dog’ Bermudez and they did remove the fingers from their photo.

In recent days it was announced that the narrator is going on a farewell tour and in the next game of the Mexican National Team, he will have the company of Raul Orvananoswho is currently on Fox Sports.

In this note:

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