Lithuania: “Russia is a state that supports and commits terrorist acts”

“The Kremlin regime seeks to destroy the Ukrainian nation, these acts must be recognized as genocide. Russia is a state supporting and committing terrorism.”

It was unanimously with 128 votes from the Seimas that Lithuanian MPs voted for this resolution on Tuesday 10 May, reports online news site “The resolution matured a long time, but there is a Lithuanian saying that you have to measure nine times and cut to the tenth”, says MP and Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Paulius Saudargas, quoted by

The parliamentarians voted in the presence of Olena Kondratyuk, the vice-president of the Rada, the Ukrainian National Assembly.

Like underlines it LRT, the Lithuanian public media, the resolution asserts that the Russian armed forces are guilty of war crimes on Ukrainian territory, in particular in Boutcha, Irpin or Mariupol.

The Lithuanian Parliament wants this decision to promote international justice: “The international community must establish a special criminal court to investigate and assess Russia’s aggression against sovereign Ukraine,” write the deputies, who demand that this tribunal be able to issue international arrest warrants.

Quoted by 15min.ltOlena Kondratyuk hopes “that Lithuania will help Ukraine to join the European Union and [se reconstruire]”. Lithuania has partly funded the reconstruction of a school complex destroyed in 2014 by clashes against pro-Russian separatists in Avdiivka, Donetsk Oblast, eastern Ukraine. The establishment was again destroyed last March, notes the Lithuanian media.

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