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The Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Zaporijjia was hit by strikes on Saturday and Sunday, for which kyiv and Moscow reject responsibility. A team of experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency went there on Monday to assess the damage. Follow hour by hour the latest developments in the war in Ukraine.

  • 6:49 a.m.: IAEA experts in Zaporizhia Monday morning

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which has two inspectors at the Zaporijjia power plant, intends to carry out an “inventory of fixtures”, Monday, November 21, “very early”, after the series of shootings which hit the site on Sunday.

  • 5:10 a.m.: IAEA chief denounces “targeted” firing at Zaporijjia nuclear power plant

The head of the IAEA denounced, on Sunday, “deliberate and targeted” shootings against the nuclear power plant of Zaporijjia, the largest in Europe, calling for “stop this madness”.

“Explosions have taken place on the site of this major nuclear power plant, which is completely unacceptable,” said Rafael Grossi, in an interview with the French channel BFMTV. “Whoever it is, this must stop immediately,” urged the IAEA chief, insisting, “People doing this know where they’re hitting. It’s absolutely deliberate, targeted.”

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