LIVE.  Amber Heard speaks for the first time during the trial of ex Johnny Depp: “Then he hit me again.  Hard"

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What is the process about?

The American actor Johnny Depp (58) and the 22 years younger actress Amber Heard tied the knot in 2015, but two years later it came to a divorce in which both parties accused each other of physical violence. In 2018, Heard wrote an op-ed about domestic violence for The Washington Post, and although his name was not explicitly mentioned, Depp said the piece did “serious damage” to his career. That is why he is now demanding $50 million from his ex. She has filed a counterclaim for $100 million, also for defamation.

Two years ago, the ex-couple also faced each other in court. Then Depp took The Sun to court after the tabloid called him a “wife beater.” Depp lost the case, because according to the judge there was “sufficient evidence” of abuse and there was therefore no question of defamation.

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What does Amber Heard say?

In the beginning of her statement, the actress talks about her childhood in Texas, in a small town “that no one has heard of yet”. She helped her father tame horses, among other things. “Something in which you are not allowed to show fear, not be intimidated easily and be tough.” Heard added that she “did as many jobs as possible” and did her best to graduate as soon as possible “to leave Texas and make something of her life.”

Then it goes on to talk about her acting career, which started with “small roles in big movies like Zombieland”. In 2008 she auditioned for ‘The rum diary’, the film where she met Johnny Depp. “During our first meeting, we talked about books, music and poetry. We liked the same, sometimes obscure things. Although he was much older than me, we clicked right away.” Afterwards, she got another call from Depp, who personally told her that she was getting the part. “You are the dream, kid

According to Heard, the two didn’t actually have that much contact on set. “Until we did a kiss scene. It didn’t feel like a scene, it felt real. The boundaries blurred. And yes, he used his tongue.”

While filming ‘The rum diary’ she wanted to hand Depp, who was in his trailer, a bottle of wine. “And then he lifted the back of my robe with his boot, I giggled – I didn’t know what to think. Then he pressed me down on the bed and said yum† It was a friendly flirt (both had another relationship at the time, ed.)† But I felt something and obviously Johnny did too.” Later, Depp would call her several times and send “several gifts such as a beautiful dress, expensive books and guitars”.


“Till death”

During a press tour in Los Angeles, about two years after filming, she was invited by Depp to his room for a drink with him and the director of the film. “But Bruce (Robinson, the director, ed.) was not there. I stayed and we talked. We drank wine, we clicked again. When I wanted to leave, he would hold me and kiss me. And I kissed him back. We fell in love. It was a wonderful, but strange time.” Although their relationship was initially not allowed to go public (because the split between Depp and Vanessa Paradis was not yet known), it was still a beautiful time, according to the actress. “I felt like he knew me and saw me like no one had ever seen me before. I felt like the most beautiful person in the world. It was intense. A dream. Absolute magic.” In the subsequent periods, however, according to her, Depp would sometimes “disappear” and there were times when she could not reach him.

According to Heard, she received “some daggers” from Depp in 2012 as a gift. “He loved knives and swords, he showed off his collection. One of the daggers he gave me read: till death† Later on he would shower her with gifts and he also managed to win over her family. “I think my father would have married him too if he could.”



But the “disappearance moments” returned and Depp then started drinking too, according to Heard. “And he started talking to me differently, also about my choice of clothing. Is that really what you’re going to wear? That’s how the world will remember you. If nothing more than that. He also became more aggressive. Messed up our apartment, threw glass at me. It didn’t hit me, but it could. He called me a whore… The interesting, sweet, handsome man I got to know became something I didn’t recognize anymore, that scared me.”

“He hit me again. Hard”

Then Amber told Heard about the first time he hit her. “I will never forget it. It changed my life,” she said. “We were just sitting on the couch, we were talking. No discussion, just a normal conversation. He was drinking and – something I didn’t realize at the time – was also using cocaine. Since I couldn’t read it myself, I asked what was written in the tattoo on his arm. He said wino(drunk, ed.)† I laughed because I thought it was a joke. But he hit me in the face. I laughed again, because I didn’t know what else to do. This was supposed to be a joke. I thought he would start laughing too, but he hit me again. Then it became clear to me that it was no joke. I had never been beaten before, and now I am, by the man I loved. And I didn’t know why. I just stared. I didn’t say, didn’t react, didn’t move, didn’t defend me. I just stared. And he hit me again. Hard. I lost my balance and suddenly I realized: the worst thing that could have happened to me had just happened. He had beaten me. I didn’t want that to be the reality. With the man I loved. He couldn’t hit me, could he? I knew I had to leave him and it broke my heart because he was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

A few days later, Depp contacted her again. To apologize. “He told me he would rather cut off his hand than hit me again. I wanted to believe him and I chose our relationship. I believed him.”

Johnny Depp himself has not yet looked at his ex-wife.  He mainly doodles and sometimes he says something to his lawyer.

Johnny Depp himself has not yet looked at his ex-wife. He mainly doodles and sometimes he says something to his lawyer. © REUTERS

“Fixed pattern”

Not much later, however, it would go wrong again. “He started drinking again, was very drunk very often and accused me of all kinds of things like infidelity. He pushed me, and again, and when I stood up again and looked straight into his eyes—my way of defending myself—he punched me in the face again. And I said: Johnny you hit me

He would also later hit her several times, the actress testifies, who says there was a clear link between Depp’s drinking and his aggressive behavior. “It became a regular pattern. First he accused me of something, then he started screaming and there was nothing I could do to calm him down. Later he would apologize and I took him back.”

Heard, in her own words, learned to “deal with” her lover’s different moods. “It was a big difference depending on what he drank or took. Johnny on speed was someone completely different from Johnny on opioids. And Cocaine Johnny is someone completely different from Sleeping Pill Johnny.”

Just before 9:30 p.m. (Belgian time), Heard wanted to talk about “the anger that man had”, but was interrupted by one of Depp’s lawyers, after which the hearing was adjourned for 15 minutes. Immediately after the break, the actress began to say that Depp was extremely jealous and suspicious. “He constantly accused me of infidelity. Once I convinced him that I hadn’t slept with that one person, he accused me of cheating on someone else. It was a never-ending battle. One fight after another.”

One of the arguments was about a painting by her ex. “Proof to him that I was having an affair. He tried to burn it, but couldn’t because he had drunk so much.”(mtm)

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