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A Ukrainian official on Thursday released a video showing what he described as a “torture chamber” used by the Russian army when it occupied the Kherson region. Follow the latest developments in the war in Ukraine hour by hour.

  • 5:47 am: Emmanuel Macron challenges Apec on Ukraine

The French president on Friday called on Asia-Pacific countries to join the “growing consensus” against the war in Ukraine, stressing that this war was also “their problem”.

“France’s number one priority is to contribute to peace in Ukraine and to try to have a global dynamic to put pressure on Russia,” he said at the APEC economic leaders summit. . He intends to “work very closely with China, India, the whole region, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, to create a growing consensus.

  • 4:46 am: Banksy’s works in Ukraine immortalized

British artist Banksy posted on Instagram a one and a half minute video showing in particular several stencil works made in Ukraine, with inhabitants who express themselves and also an overlay message on the screen: “In solidarity with the people of Ukraine”. He had already published images in the night from Friday to Saturday of a stencil on a bombed building in Borodianka, near kyiv, thus confirming to be the author.

  • 2:01 am: Ukrainian official releases video showing ‘torture chamber’

The Ukrainian parliament’s human rights commissioner, Dmytro Lubynets, released a video on Thursday showing what he described as a torture chamber used by Russian forces when they occupied the Kherson region.

Dmytro Lubynets posted the video on social media after Ukraine’s Interior Minister announced that investigators had discovered 63 bodies showing signs of torture.

Russia claims that its soldiers do not target civilian populations or commit any atrocities.

In the video, a middle-aged man claims he was held for 24 hours in one of the rooms. He says he was tied to a chair and received electric shocks “until he lost consciousness”. “They asked the questions they wanted and got the answers they wanted,” he said. “One after another. They prepared a series of questions and wrote whatever they wanted.”

According to Dmytro Loubynets, the places were not designed to accommodate a large number of people. The Ukrainian parliament’s human rights commissioner said that up to 25 people were being held at the same time in a cramped room. “You see that the people detained here were not allowed to go to the toilet,” he explains in the video posted on Telegram and Facebook.

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