Live ginger cat found in suitcase at New York airport
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At the New York airport, staff found a ginger cat in a suitcase. According to the passenger, the animal had crawled into the suitcase without his knowledge. That writes CNN.

Source: CNN

Employees at New York’s JFK airport had to look twice last week when they saw the X-ray images of a suitcase. It contained not only slippers and a bottle of wine, but also something that looked very much like a cat.

When the airport staff took the suitcase off the belt and opened it, they actually saw a red cat. Alive and well. At the airport they often see strange objects in suitcases, but “it is still exceptional to find a live animal in a checked suitcase,” said spokesperson Lisa Farbstein.

The passenger explained to airport staff that it was not his cat, but someone else’s in his household. He suggested that the cat, which even showed some ginger fur in the zipper, had slipped into the trunk unnoticed. The passenger in question was unable to board the plane until a day later, this time without a cat.

Traveling with a cat is possible, but the animal must be in a separate carrier and screened.

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