Local Congress rejects 16 audits;  Morena accuses political motives

Guanajuato.- The Congress Finance Commissionwith a PAN majority and PRIrefused to carry out 16 audits that they had requested, mostly Morena.

The deputy of Morena, Alma Alcaraz Hernandezwho made the above known, considered that this had “political motives” because the administrations of Brunetteand those of BREAD they are protected.

“We see an eminently political reason. Those who are ruled by Brunettego with all the weight of the state, but those governed by the BREAD They don’t even touch them.”

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“The superior auditor is once again questioned, that whom he obeys, obviously he obeys the BREAD. Here it would be pertinent to evaluate the permanence of the auditor”, he expressed.

The rejected requests are: integral audits to the second administration of Hector Lopez Santillanawhat did they ask Brunette and the PVEMseparately, regarding the irregularities detected in the discount of 2.5 million pesos of the Property tax to the Country Cluband and the sale of a plot of land of more than a thousand meters of Juan Aldama Kindergarten.

A Guanajuato City (2019-2021); a San Miguel de Allende by the “ghost traffic lights”, that is, that their lease was contracted to a company in the last administration of Luis Alberto Villarreal and as the current municipal president had pointed out, Mauricio Trejo, or they were not placed, or the placed ones did not work. For the same facts, the deputies of the BREAD they also requested an audit.

To the administration of Silao (2019-2021) for the theft of 28 thousand bullets from the Police headquarters.

One more to the delivery of the Vouchers Greatness because Brunette presumed clientelist and electoral use during the 2021 electoral process; to the State Youth Institute from the 2015-2020 period, after the case of its former director came out George Romerowho is accused of alleged sexual abuse and alleged rape.

To the Fidessegtrust created in 2019 to manage the Payroll tax.

To the construction of the new building of the Infospein Villagranwhere in three years only one wall has been built that cost 97 million pesos.

Of San Jose Iturbide (current and previous administration) and I walk the Alto (2018-2021).

In interview, Alma Alcaraz He commented: “We are extremely upset with the attitude taken by the superior auditor”, who was the one who gave the technical explanations in the Commission.

The morenista deputy pointed out that, on the contrary, in the previous Legislature audits were approved of the then municipal administrations of Brunette in Acámbaro Y Salamanca.

‘They were already done’: Zanella

The panista deputy Victor Zanella Huertapresident of the Congress Finance Commissionaffirmed that the requested audits were not approved because many of the municipalities and dependencies have already been reviewed before, either in their Public Accounts or in public works audits. And even several have already been approved by Congress.

“They were not only Brunettebut from Greenof BREAD and municipalities. This means that it is not selective or politically motivated, ”she said in an interview.

He explained that in addition the 16 audits were going to become 74 control acts, when the Superior Audit of the State of Guanajuato It already has an audit plan with 272 acts and 46 reviews of public works.

“Reviewing the public money of the Guanajuatenses is being done. Many of the acts that were requested had already been done,” she maintained.

“Many of these audits have been reviewed not only by the SEAGAbut for the Superior Audit of the Federation Y Guanajuato it has positioned itself as the second best-evaluated state,” he highlighted.

He explained that of the audits requested from the municipal administration of Hector Lopez Santillanain Lionfor the hidden sale of kindergarten John Aldama and the discount of 2.5 million pesos to the property tax country Clubsaid that they are already in the hands of the Municipal Comptroller and several officials have already been sanctioned.

That the audit to San Miguel de Allende due to the non-existent traffic lights or those that did not work, that matter was already reviewed in the revision of the Public Account 2020 and will be approved in committees in the coming days.

Of the Vouchers Greatnesswhich have already been reviewed by the SEAGA and approved by the state congress. And of the other audit requests, which in the coming days the SEAGA will start checking the Public Accounts of 2021.


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