LoL: Katarina cosplay is breathtaking;  check out

League of Legends It has a huge list of champions available, as well as several beautiful skins and arts for several of them.

So, what really isn’t lacking are excellent options for cosplayers who are fans of this world-acclaimed MOBA, especially if we count on the visuals of Wild Rift, like this version of Katarina created by Reddit user Nina Merigold. Check it out below:

With impeccable makeup that recreated even the assassin’s tattoo and a very well-crafted costume, perhaps the only details that were missing to make the cosplay even better were the champion’s daggers. Even so, it’s still praiseworthy work and an impressive recreation of the Sinister Blade!

So, what did you think of Nina’s project? Have you ever cosplayed League of Legends? So share with us on twitter and Facebook of voxel!

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