Ángel “el Cachila” Moreira was acquitted by the Uruguayan Justice.

Finally, was acquitted by the Justice of Uruguay, Ángel “el Cachila” Moreirawho was accused of cover-up in the case of femicide of the young Lola Chomnalezoccurred in December 2014.

Ángel “el Cachila” Moreira was acquitted by the Uruguayan Justice.

In this way, Moreira will immediately regain his freedom. It should be remembered that Last May Leonardo David Sena was arrested, accused of being the alleged perpetrator of the crime of the then Argentine teenager.

“El Cachila”, acquitted

What the newspaper of the neighboring State reports, The country, the Rocha judge, Juan Giménez Vera, decided to acquit Ángel Moreiraa car attendant who was accused of being an alleged cover-up for Lola’s crime15 years old.

Thus, it was reported that: “The magistrate ordered his immediate release”after the determination of the Supreme Court of Justice of Uruguay.

Likewise, the lawyer of “el Cachila”Yessica Biquez, spoke of the resolution of Justice: “I said it at the time and I confirm it, there was no evidence to convict this person.”

And then the lawyer added: “There were conflicting statements made in May 2015. He was a mythomaniac person. So I asked for a report from the Forensic Technical Institute (ITF) on what to believe in a person with those characteristics.”

Finally, Biquez highlighted being “happy” with the resolution of the case, and confessed: “I gave up my life in that case. I thought there was no evidence.”

It should be noted that In April 2015, the Justice of the neighboring country had arrested Moreira, although shortly after he ordered his releaseafter negatively comparing her DNA with the genetic material found in the belongings of the murdered young woman, including her backpack.

LOLA CHOMNALEZ (Photo from Facebook).

Lola Chomnalez was murdered in December 2014 in Valizas, Uruguay.

But at the time Moreira was arrested again, and was prosecuted as co-author of homicideon May 20, 2019. And it is that the Justice determined that this man had been in contact with Lola until the moment of his death, emphasizing that he even took his pulse to check his death.

For a while, This car attendant remained the only defendant in the case, until 39-year-old Leonardo David Sena was arrested, who is in preventive detention, accused of the crime of homicide.

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