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Lola strips naked in front of strangers for her boyfriend, but then the truth comes out!

Lola Tessa (24) is probably enormously successful.

Lola Tessa from Mexico has many followers on OnlyFans. All she wanted to do was pay off her boyfriend’s enormous debts.

Tulum (Mexico) – Lola Tessa (24) from Mexico used to be a waitress. She earned little but was happy. Because she lived with her boyfriend whom she is very strong loved. For him, she started at OnlyFans so he could pay off his enormous debt.

Lola Tessa (24) is probably enormously successful. © Montage: Instagram/misslolatessa

She even got a tattoo of how the two have sex on her buttocks, like the 24-year-old opposite DailyStar revealed. Her love was so great.

When her friend, who also worked as a waiter, confessed to her that he owed the equivalent of 30,000 euros, she naturally wanted to help him. And Lola immediately had an obvious idea: she began to undress for strange men in front of the camera.

“I was the one who suggested it, he didn’t want to do it at all,” the successful cam girl shared of how it was at the time. “In the end he let me go because I was convinced it would solve all our problems.”

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So she set up a camera in the shared basement and just started.

Standing on her own feet now: Lola Tessa, celebrated OnlyFans user. © Montage: Instagram/misslolatessa

Already in the first week, she had earned 3500 euros. But instead of keeping everything to herself, she gave her ex most of it – so that he could pay off his debts.

“I thought, if I pay off his debts, we can finally be happy again,” at this difficult time the relationship was in trouble: “We often quarreled and I saw his debts as mine.”

But then a heavy blow for the petite erotic model: Lola discovered messages from another woman on his cell phone!

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Her boyfriend cheated on her – after everything she had done for him. But that’s not all: At the same time he also crashed her car – a Hyundai – drunk!

Then she realized the truth: he had been taking advantage of her all along. From then on, Lola stood on her own two feet.

The other day she met her unfaithful ex again. She said: “My life is so much better now and I’m a much stronger person, while he told me he still owes around 20,000 euros and does the same job.”

Does she have any regrets about the relationship and her bold move into adult entertainment? No, the 24-year-old says: “Looking back, he held me back very, very much. I don’t hate him – we were both young and people make mistakes.”

She now reportedly earns more than 90,000 euros per month! on Instagram has Lola Tessa more than 60,000 followers.

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