London: massive mobilization against Boris Johnson and the increase in prices

In this context, convened by the TUC union federation, affiliated with organizations from various regions of England and Wales called a march that ran through some of the most central streets of the British capital.

The protest passed in front of Downing Street, the official residence of the chief executive, against which many of the slogans and banners cried out, and ended in front of the Palace of Westminster, seat of Parliament.

The unions estimate that British employees lost about a third of their purchasing power compared to 2008 due to inflation and the lack of updating of wages, and they assure that it is the biggest drop in “real wages” since 1830.

In addition, the humanitarian organization Care4Calais and some protesters took advantage of the mobilization to speak out over Johnson’s plans to deport asylum seekers arriving in the UK to Rwanda crossing the English Channel.


Banners against Boris Johnson and his finance minister

Throughout the demonstration, it was possible to distinguish a variety of banners with photographs of Johnson and his finance minister, Rishi Sunak, in which the slogan is read: “You have to make them pay”.

Also messages in favor of “expelling the Tories” from the Government; those who demand “tax the rich, not the workers” and those who ask to increase the financing of the public health system.

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