López Obrador's first Central American tour

The president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorarrives in Guatemala this Thursday, at the start of his first official tour of Central America, to discuss border security and migration issues with leaders.

According to the Mexican ambassador, Romero Ruiz, the visit, which will include part of Friday, ratifies the importance that Mexico gives to relations with Guatemala, main southern border and destination of its exports with the Central American countries.

López Obrador plans to arrive in the Guatemalan capital on Thursday afternoon to meet with the president. Alexander Giammatteiand from this country he will depart to The Saviorthe second leg of his tour of the region, which will also take him to Honduras, Belize and then to Cuba.

Ruiz stated in a bulletin distributed by the diplomatic mission that the Mexican president’s visit will be the opportunity to review issues of common interest in migratory, economic and cooperation matters within the framework of the Comprehensive Development Plan promoted by his country together with the international community. .

agenda items

In addition to border security and migration, Giammattei and López Obrador will analyze the possibility of opening a new Mexican consulate, rail interconnection and streamlining of customs procedures, according to diplomatic sources. They will also discuss the opening of new border crossings that allow to place the bilateral relationship to the challenges that the 21st century represents.

For Mexico, Guatemala represents its gateway to Central America and it is expected that the visit of its president will leave positive results, in addition to strengthening friendship and trust between the two countries have signed more than 40 bilateral agreements.

The Mexican market is among one of the main destinations for Guatemalan exports, which in 2021 it sold products to that country for 592 million dollars, but imports exceeded 2,800 million dollars. While the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) of Mexico reached almost 200 million dollars last year.

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