Front of the house of San Nicolás at 3700 where the

Although their leader has been in prison for nine years, “Los Monos” control the Newell’s bar through one of the four cells within an illicit association that integrates Ariel Máximo “Guille” Cantero. This was stated by the Justice in the investigation for the crime of nelson saravia (43) in Rosario and this Sunday they accused Alexander Ficcadentibetter known as “Gimpy Fica”, designated as the last boss in the red and black paravalanches.

“I’ve been on the field for 20 years and I’ve never had any problems. I am a characterized fan who likes to be in the stands, nothing more, “said the 28-year-old when he denied having participated in the murder of” Chivo “. However, the judge Silvia Castelli ordered that he remain in preventive detention for 60 days along with four other detainees based on an agreement between the majority of the defenses and the prosecutor Matthias Edery.

The official of the Public Ministry of the Accusation (MPA) pointed out that the “Rengo Fica” was part of the group of criminals who went to Saravia’s house on San Nicolás at 3700 at 00:30 on Saturday, October 23, 2021 and he was shot to death in his bedroom. The investigator raised two motives behind the brutal attack.

In the first place, the representative of the Agency for Organized Crime and Complex Crimes said it was a “demonstration of power” in an “almost cyclical fight” for control of the Newell’s bar brava. Although the “Chivo” had already been displaced a long time ago, the prosecutor remarked that it was “the only person who had ancestry who was neither dead nor imprisoned”.

At the same time, he stated that the murder in the house of the former head of the red and black supporters was in revenge for another shooting attack registered hours before. Friday night in Centeno and Rodríguez. There they wounded Angela Susana Oviedo and his son. The 40-year-old woman died at the Clemente Álvarez Emergency Hospital (Heca) and was the sister-in-law of William Manuel Sosa (41). “Chupa” or “Ojitos” was the first detainee in the case just over a month ago.

Who rules the Newell’s bar brava?

The investigation into the Saravia crime advanced thanks to previous information about the activity of the barra brava from the time before the elections in Newell’s to the present. The MPA maintains that it is a group aligned with Leandro Vinardo. El “Pollo” used to be a member of “Los Monos” and is in prison, but he still appears as the leader of one of the four groups that operate in Rosario and respond to “Guille” Cantero.

After the homicide, the family of “Chivo” denounced that the criminals his wife’s cell phone was stolen and started tracking location data. Using that lead, police raided a Garibaldi home at 3300. It was Sosa’s home, where several previous shootouts had occurred as part of clashes with rival groups.

Saravia was murdered on October 23, 2021 at his home in San Nicolás at 3700. (Archive /)

The house was empty, but at the scene they found key evidence in search of the Motorola One Plus. In addition to the fact that the date and locations coincided with the band’s course, they kidnapped videos from the home’s security cameras. In the footage, it was recorded meeting of 23 people as a prelude to execution.

According to the material contained in the DVR equipment, the group began to distribute firearms for crime. Some as Alexis Dittler They changed clothes before going outside. Then they got into two vehicles. One of them was a white Peugeot 308, the same one that witnesses saw at the door of Saravia’s house.

At a time compatible with the return after the ambush, the videos show the return of the same people to join the rest. One of the alleged killers, Esteban Cheerfuleven represented how they killed the “Chivo”. Another made gestures to indicate how the body was left and the position coincides with that of the corpse.

Covert surveillance at Newell’s matches

For the arrest warrant of the six detainees last Thursday, eight months had to be waited. During that period, the authorities mounted an operation to covert surveillance at every newell’s game. Once Sosa and Ficcadenti had been identified, they began to track who accompanied them to the field.

At the entrance to the Colossus of Parque de la Independencia, members of the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) acted undercover as part of the Secure Tribune program. With the description of the dress, they followed them in the popular through filming. Although this allowed to know who were several suspects, there are still 12 people on the list that are only numbers and faces.

In addition to the “Rengo Fica” the provincial Justice ordered preventive detention for two months for Dittler, Alegre, kevin jambrina Y Juan Manuel Arevalo. All are considered co-authors of qualified homicide by the premeditated contest of two or more people. Another detainee identified as Jonathan B. broke down before the start of the hearing and will be evaluated by a forensic medical board to determine if he can be charged. According to his defense report, he has “moderate mental retardation with a physical condition of epilepsy.”

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