Scotland adds a new try and moves away on the scoreboard
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Despite being outnumbered, the fullback appeared just in time to stop Graham and force a 5-metre scrum. Julián Montoya also leaves the field, replaced by Ignacio Ruiz.

Just when it looked like the Pumas were going to avoid a Scottish try, an intense confrontation broke out between players from the two teams, with grabbing and shoving from both. As a result, Dickson booked Thomas Gallo, and Argentina return to play with 13. Scotland captain Jamie Ritchie was also temporarily suspended. Cheika brought in Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro instead of Delguy.

Santiago Carreras leaves his place to Nicolás Sánchez, while Matías Moroni also enters instead of Juan Cruz Mallía. Scotland have scrum near the Puma 5 meter line.

Both Alemanno and Lavanini have served their suspension periods and are returning to the field. Argentina has 14 players on the field again.

To try to combat the inferiority in the defense, the Australian decides to take out Tomás Bello, giving entry to Santiago Medrano.

The joy for the Pumas did not last long. The numerical inferiority was too much, the Scots did not find major problems to advance and it was again Tupuolotu who supported to extend the advantage again. Russell didn’t miss his conversion and Scotland now win 31-22.

At the worst moment in Argentina, Matías Orlando stole and advanced with the ball, and when it seemed that his career was over, he gave it an exquisite shot for Boffelli, who supported below the ingoal and converted to put himself down 24-22.

The Pumas will be left without their two second rows, and as a consequence Cheika removes Jerónimo de la Fuente, author of the first try, replaced by Lucas Paulos.

After a ruck, and via the TMO, Dickson considered that the second row had made an improper cleaning, and the Pumas will play momentarily with 13.

The captain broke lines in a big way, but on the 5-meter line he was tackled and released the ball, for which referee Dickson called a knock on for Scotland.

Russell wins the back again and advances with a great pass to Hogg, then he unloads for Graham and almost without resistance he supports the ball in the rival ingoal. The opening fails, but the locals are still up 24-15.

Finn Russell performs the kick and starts the complement. The ball is caught by Tomás Lavanini on the Argentine side.

In a half marked inevitably by the sending off of Kremer, the Pumas went through negative periods, but now lose 19-15 against Scotland in Edinburgh.

After a slow succession of rucks on the brink of goal, he first tried to support Tomás Lavanini against the fierce Scottish resistance, but then it was Matías Alemanno who was able to add to bring the Pumas closer on the scoreboard. Thanks to Boffelli’s conversion, they now lose 19-15.

After a penalty in favor, Carreras chose to go out with a line, and from a good maul the Pumas were on the brink of adding five again, but Carreras’s kick had no recipient and the try was annulled again.

The Pumas continue to feel numerical inferiority. Russell once again found space to attack and advance many meters, the Argentines tried to resist on the 5-meter line but finally Darcy Graham supported and scored again for the locals. Russell fails to convert this time and Scotland now win 19-8.

With the Pumas still feeling the impact of Kremer’s sending off, Scotland took advantage of the momentum. Russell broke lines and set up van der Merwe, who initially had trouble controlling the ball, but then did enough to support the second try of the match. Russell converted and Scotland lead 14-8.

Scotland adds a new try and moves away on the scoreboardRoss Parker – SNS Group – SNS Group

In a promising Argentine attack, the Argentine third row hit Jamie Ritchie on the head, and after analyzing the play, referee Dickson sent him off, leaving the Pumas with one less for 60 minutes.

Faced with the Scottish onslaught, Matera stopped the rival attack with a great tackle and subsequent robbery in the ruck, so that Carreras later cleared the danger in time.

After prevailing in a 5-meter scrum due to a disallowed try, the Pumas lateralized the game in a great way (helped by a Scottish knock on) and Jerónimo de la Fuente was in charge of supporting on the left. Boffelli doesn’t convert, but the Pumas regain the 8-7 lead anyway.

Finn Russell came out in a big way in a ruck and set up Sione Tuipulotu through the middle, who with her great speed passed the puma defensive line to support the first try of the match. Scotland go on to win 7-3 thanks to Russell’s conversion.

Just when it looked as if Stuart Hogg might be heading for goal alongside Duhan van der Merwe, Boffelli came through with a precise tackle, and Hogg’s pass missed the wing. There will be a line.

After a penalty, the Scots decided to go out with a line on the 22-yard line. However, the start was wrong, and a forward pass gave the Pumas a scrum in their field.

Emiliano Boffelli doesn’t miss and converts the penalty, giving Argentina the first three points of the game, who go on to win 3-0.

Karl Dickson blows his whistle, Santiago Carreras kicks in and the Pumas’ final match in 2022 begins. Immediately afterwards, during the resulting ruck, Scotland concede a penalty to Argentina.

The Pumas and Scotland are already on the pitch of the stadium for what will be, in minutes, the game that will close the British tour of the Argentines.

The Murrayfield stadium is already ready for the arrival of the Argentine squad, as shown by this tour of the venue’s facilities.

This will be the fourth game that both teams have played so far in 2022, and the first where the Scots are local. In the three previous matches, all played in Argentina, the Pumas won twice (26-18 on July 2, 34-37 on July 16), while those led by Gregor Townsend won once (29-9 on 9/7).

As usual, in the preview of the game it was known which team the Australian coach will stop at Murrayfield: he will start with Juan Cruz Mallía; Bautista Delguy, Matías Orlando, Jerónimo de la Fuente and Emiliano Boffelli; Santiago Carreras and Gonzalo Bertranou; Marcos Kremer, Pablo Matera and Juan Martín González; Tomás Lavanini and Matías Alemanno; Eduardo Bello, Julián Montoya (captain) and Thomas Gallo.

The previous two matches for Michael Cheika’s team on tour had mixed results. In the first game, the Pumas took a historic victory against England in Twickenham by 30-29, while in their second stop in Cardiff they lost 20-13 against Wales.

Welcome to the Liveblog of the last game that the Pumas will play in 2022, when they visit the Murrayfield stadium in Edinburgh to face Scotland, in what will be the last stop on the British tour that the team has undertaken since the end of October.

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