Lower energy costs?  The first step is quality windows
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The increase in energy costs is the reason to thoroughly look at all the places where heat leaks from the home. One of the most common culprits is leaking windows and doors.

“Properly sealing windows and doors can increase the temperature in a room by up to 2°C. And that’s a fairly significant difference,” points out Stanislav Obyt from VP trend.

Therefore, start the inspection first by checking the seals on all windows and doors, including entrance, interior and balcony doors. At the window sash that does not touch the frame, you will feel the cold air blowing through. The problem is most often caused by incorrect settings, damaged fittings or worn seals.

Five tips for proper window care

Tips and trends

“In the case of an old gasket, it is sufficient to install sealing tapes. It is made of rubber, PUR foam or silicone. Their application does not require any screws or nails and their disassembly is also extremely easy,assures Marcela Bínová from the Hornbach company.

Photo: Hornbach

In the best case, replacing the window seals can help.

Adjusting windows is better left to experts, but a more experienced handyman can do it himself according to the instructions from the window manufacturer or supplier.

When replacing the gasket is not enough

However, especially in older houses and apartments, owners may find that the problem with the windows is not just the sealing and that better adjustment will not do much, and that they are ripe for replacement. It is quite clear where the windows are twenty or thirty years old.

“It must be remembered that the window is not an impenetrable barrier. From the point of view of heat leakage, this is the weakest link of the outer envelope of the house. By replacing them, a relatively significant amount of energy can be saved,” says Jan Tušl from Vekra.

The tests that the company had done at the independent UCEEB laboratory at the Czech Technical University in Prague showed that the latest windows can save up to 70 percent of heating energy compared to models installed 20 years ago.

How much will it cost?

The average amount of investment in the replacement of windows in a panel apartment is approximately 80,000 CZK, in the case of an ordinary family house, the amounts for replacement are most often in the range of 200,000 to 450,000 CZK.

These costs can be financed, for example, from building savings, and banking houses are also registering a really moderate increase in interest in financing replacement windows.

“However, the growth of this interest is not as striking as in the case of financing alternative energy sources, especially heat pumps and photovoltaic panels. As part of our consulting, we try to emphasize to clients as much as possible that the insulation of the property, whether it is the replacement of windows or the insulation of the entire facade, is the first and most important step to reduce the property’s energy consumption,” points out Filip Hrubý, spokesman for the Financial Group of Česká spořitelna.

Did you know that window panes can crack on hot days even in winter?

How to do it

Windows must take precedence over the pump

The appropriateness of replacing the windows and, possibly, even insulating them before purchasing another heat source then has its own logic.

“The performance of a new heat source, for example a heat pump, usually depends on the size and type of building. Therefore, if you buy it for an older house where you replace the windows and insulate the facade, the heat loss will decrease after these works are done and the pump will heat more efficiently. And then a less powerful machine can also be used,” explains Jakub Tykal from Acond.

Windows can be changed even in winter

In any case, if the windows are to serve well and above all to seal, it is most reliable to choose a supplier that has its own trained team of technicians. They carefully dismantle the original windows, prepare the construction opening for the new windows and install them, observing all the necessary technological procedures.

Photo: Jana Nesvadbová, Novinky

When installing the window, craftsmen must not forget to stick vapor-permeable tape both on the outside and on the inside. You can’t get confused between them. Manufacturers mark each of them with a distinctive inscription indicating which side it belongs to.

It is not necessary to wait until it is warm outside to replace the windows, the windows can be replaced even in winter. The company replaces the windows gradually, one room at a time, and the installation itself takes several tens of minutes, so the walls do not have time to cool down.

New windows demand a new way of ventilation

The acquisition of high-quality new windows will undoubtedly improve the thermal comfort in the apartment or house. On the other hand, as they perfectly insulate, they do not let the cold into the interior, but moisture also does not get out, and it starts to accumulate in the house, which leads to the unwanted formation of mold. It is therefore important to learn new habits with new windows, the basis of which is regular ventilation. In winter, we ventilate briefly but thoroughly, perhaps with the help of a draft, so that all the air in the apartment is exchanged as quickly as possible, but the walls do not have time to cool down, in summer, on the contrary, we leave at least micro-ventilation for most of the time.

Consider window shading as well

A suitable shading system will also significantly help save heating costs. It is ideal to choose and have it installed at the same time as the windows.

From this point of view, the most effective are outdoor blinds, which have slats filled with foam and can significantly strengthen the insulation of the window both in summer and in winter. Of the available shielding variants, they thus enable the highest heat regulation. However, it should be taken into account that it will completely darken the room.

In contrast, outdoor blinds allow precise regulation of the amount of light that passes into the interior, but they can regulate heat a little less.

The new windows did not please the owner. In winter, he found ice on the inside

Diseases of real estate

In addition, the outdoor shading can be equipped with special sensors, thanks to which it can automatically adapt to the current weather. In this way, there is no danger that in the cold part of the year, closed blinds prevent additional heating of the interior from the sun and the like.

Photo: Isotra

Outdoor shading elements will help not only with thermal insulation, but also with the protection of the windows themselves, in front of which they are placed.

If, for any reason, it is not possible to purchase windows straight away with blinds, you can have shading technology installed later, additionally. In such a case, however, it is necessary to have an overview of what the technicians intend to do with the area around the window. The insulated building envelope must remain a taboo for them. If the shell is damaged, the owner of the building loses the warranty on the insulated facade.

The correct solution in such a case is installation in the form of a self-supporting box, which is attached directly to the window frame.

Learn to recognize a quality window

There is currently a large selection of windows on the market, and at first glance they all look roughly the same, all of them are properly certified, and yet there can be a big difference between them in practice. Therefore, when choosing them, you need to focus on individual parts and details:

For example, with plastic windows, not only the number of chambers is important in terms of thermal insulation properties, but especially the sufficient depth frame. It goes without saying that the frame must be strong and stable. At the same time, it is essential that the gap between the wing and the frame is as tight as possible.

It has the best insulating properties triple glazing, which allows only half of the heat to escape compared to double glazing. Well-insulating glass also effectively prevents overheating of the interior in the summer.

The depth of the glass in the frame should be at least 29 mm. Greater depth of storage helps reduce the likelihood of condensation on the glass.

Interglass frame limiting the effect of thermal bridges and reducing the risk of fogging of the glass should be made of plastic, and not from aluminum, which is thermally conductive and can, on the contrary, significantly promote window fogging.

The quality of the window can also be recognized by its design seal. An important role is played by, among other things, the way in which it is fixed to the frame, which can be recognized by the bend in the corner. If the corner gasket is only bent, it has been hand stretched and will insulate well. On the contrary, the seal welded together with the profile has a weld in the corners, and therefore a gap, or, conversely, an unpleasant bump. Neither option is good.

In addition to good thermal insulation properties, the safety of windows is no less important. Both help to ensure quality done forging. An all-round one with the maximum number of locking points that ensure a firm connection of the leaf to the frame is ideal.

During the assembly itself, sufficient plays a very important role sealing of the connection joint. It is the care of its sealing that affects the risk of thermal bridges and the thermal insulation properties of the window. An insufficiently sealed connection joint is manifested, for example, by moisture on the window lining, where mold can then start to grow.

Security – modern technologies have the word

How to do it

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