Lucas Passin

A speech by countryman Zé Neto, a duo with Cristiano, during a show in the city of Sorriso, Mato Grosso, went viral and sounded somewhat aggressive on social media. The fans understood to be a sting to Anitta when the singer highlighted that “you don’t need to get a tattoo on the toba” to show that he is fine.

We are here in Sorriso, Mato Grosso, one of the states that supported Brazil during the pandemic. We are not artists and we do not depend on Lei Rouanet. Our fee is paid by the people. We don’t need to get a tattoo on the toba to show if we’re good or bad. We just come here and sing, and the whole of Brazil sings with us.

It is worth remembering that Zé Neto, in September 2020, with the covid-19 pandemic on the rise and the absence of shows as a very remarkable fact, saw his engagement increase when he had a photo in which he appeared with the “voluminous swim trunks”. He gained more than 700 thousand followers in 24 hours and gave several interviews having fun with the topic. He went viral again with the “volume in swim trunks” in August 2021 and talked about the success of the subject even on TV shows.

The fact was remembered on social networks this Saturday (14) and fans justified that it was not only Anitta who had become the news for something intimate, but Zé Neto, before criticizing the “tattoo on the toba”, had also taken advantage of the success of having something intimate gone viral.

Some celebrities also didn’t like Zé Neto’s supposed speech against Anitta. Influencer Gkay, for example, wrote: “Bar louder than where Anitta is, she doesn’t listen, amore”. Felipe Neto also wrote: “We don’t need to get a tattoo on the toba to show that he’s fine. Says the guy who needs to attack a colleague to be noticed.”

Anitta, in early 2021, showed on video a moment when she got an intimate tattoo on her anus, which cost about R$300. Since then, after taking a stand against the president Jair Bolsonaro (PL), the singer receives several negative comments regarding the drawing in the intimate region.

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